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New generation of Lime scooters in Austin come with upgraded safety features, company says

The scooters will feature three forms of braking.

AUSTIN, Texas — Lime debuted their "Gen 3" scooters that aim to be safer, more durable and have a better rider experience. 

So, what changes have been made? 

To ensure safety, Lime scooters wheels have grown from 8 inches to 10 inches in diameter. This change will provide the scooter with more stability and tire grip along with shock absorptions for those bumpy paths.

"We built this scooter to cruise on urban terrain with ease," said Joe Deshotel, Lime Texas government relations and community relations manager.

The wheels are also mountain-bike style with two-sided suspension on the front wheels. This model of the Lime scooter will be the first to have this type of technology. 

Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images
A Lime dockless electric scooter is parked on a Wilshire Boulevard sidewalk, available for its next rider, on July 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

What about the brakes? 

Gen 3 will have not have one, but three forms of braking.

There will be mechanical braking on the front wheel along with electrical and mechanical braking on the rear wheel.


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Being able to park will also be easier. Lime has developed virtual parking zones to help riders park in approved areas by the city.

Crucial parts of the scooter were also built with waterproofing technology to protect from multiple types of weather conditions

The battery life was upgraded as well, extending the range of a scooter by 50%, adding up to about 30 extra miles. An LED light strip will inform riders if the scooter is charged without having to look at their app.

With Lime having multiple lawsuits in their past, they're working on how to pursue rider safety and hope to incorporate personalized rider messages, step-by-step navigation and more in the future. 

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The response

The speed limit is the same with these new scooters. The speed still caps out at 15 miles per hour.

Lime is also trying to educate riders with its First Ride program.

"The City of Austin partnered with the CDC, to do a study on scooter safety," said Joe Deshotel. "One of the main things that came out of that was that a third of all scooter accidents happened on the very first ride."

The City's health department told KVUE it does not have updated scooter crash numbers.

Jessamy Tomlinson works downtown and said having the battery at the bottom of the scooter helps.

“I also like the idea of the screen,” she said. “And how it will show you different things, like where to park.”

Not everyone cares for the changes.

“I don't see the point in spending money on a ride,” said Robert Allen, who also works downtown. “It's nice to walk. I think that people riding – creates problems. It creates traffic.”


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