Just another morning commute was wrapping up at RM 2222 and Jester Blvd on Friday morning, when a dump truck barreled through the red light slamming into a car and narrowly missing others.

Mike Wenglar, KVUE’s Director of Technology, narrowly escaped the crash.

"All of a sudden I hear this bang and I see stuff in my rear view mirror flying everywhere, cars flying everywhere, debris flying everywhere. So I put the pedal to the metal as they say to try and get away from it and then something hit my car," Wenglar said.

Wenglar's SUV had minor damage in the crash.

"If I would have been two seconds slower through that intersection I would have been hit, broadsided by that truck," he said.

While others kept driving as you see in the video, Wenglar stopped to check out his car and see if other drivers were okay.

Marvin Ehrlich also got out of his car to check out the situation.

He said "There was smoke and fire and flames coming out from the gully, so I parked the car and walked up and saw the flames."

Ehrlich shot video of firefighters putting out the flames, and the aftermath of the crash.

He and his wife spent the day watching, and waiting to drive back into their housing development. Clean up of the intersection lasted into the night.

Despite that, and the dangerous situation captured in this video, Ehrlich says he is not phased.

"We've gotten used to it here in Austin. there always seems to be an accident every single day," Ehrlich said.

KVUE has learned the gravel truck that crashed into several vehicles before going off an embankment Friday has a crash on its record.

APD Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is investigating why the truck did not stop at the intersection.

Police tweeted out around 7 p.m. Friday that 2222 had fully reopened.

Records show Franco's Trucking vehicles have one crash on U.S. Department of Transportation record, which occurred in August 2015. USDOT also shows 20 violations from five inspections dating from December 2014 to October 2015.

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