CEDAR PARK, Texas — Quite a few people in Cedar Park are talking about a plan that could change a well-known stretch of road. 

A proposed move to shift part of 183 slightly east has neighbors upset and even threatening to move.

A public hearing Thursday showed what would happen to the intersection of "Old 183," Buttercup Creek Blvd. and Brush Creek Road. 

Some residents are concerned about increased traffic, environmental issues and EMS response time. But, the city said the changes will benefit everyone.

"I would not call it dangerous," Brian Rice, a consulting engineer for Binkley and Barfield, said. "I say this is a way to improve mobility and safety."

Others who live near the proposed change said it's a bad thing. They even said they would move away from the neighborhood.

"This is 101 feet from my neighbors backyard," Melanie Adams said. "This is huge backups on Park Street for everyone who goes westbound. It's not a good solution." 

Overall, construction will affect a little less than a mile of road and expand what is currently called "Old Highway 183."

While the plans aren't set in stone, the project's engineer said the project is well on its way. 


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