It's easy to see it all around you at home or at work -- our world is slowly going more and more mobile and wireless as well. one new company is trying to get a certain industry up to speed and out of the sound booth.

iZotope, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based audio technology company that makes software and apps to improve the sound quality of music. The company's website states that it is "the shortest path from sound to emotion."

Colin Thurmond is the product marketing manager for iZotope -- but grew up in Tyler, Texas as a musician himself.

"I have spent a lot of time in Austin," Thurmond said. "I have been down here all the time. Music is just kind of in the city's bones and down to its marrow."

After moving up to Boston to get his doctoral degree in music, Thurmond worked for a couple tech companies before landing a position at iZotope.

During the next few months, Thurmond is driving around the country to music festivals and venues in an iZotope-decorated RV with musical instruments inside and a new, innovative piece of iZotope technology -- Spire Studio. This is a wireless, portable, multi-track recording system that you can take anywhere and use anywhere.

"This was a product that spoke to me as a musician," Thurmond said. "This is kind of your all-in-one recording device. It's everything that you need."

Spire Studio also connects to a Spire app for your phone that allows you to edit your recording afterwards and then send it to someone else around the world to record over or along with.

"Musicians are getting ideas all over the place at the craziest times," Thurmond said. "Now you can record those moments with crisp audio and use that in creative ways. You're able to do that stuff an audio engineer would do."

Thurmond brought the RV with this device to the Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) and allowed musicians to utilize this technology and take home the songs they created.

Here is what some of those musicians had to say about the device:

"I am thoroughly impressed as somebody who has worked with a lot of different softwares and hardwares," songwriter Peter Vance said. "I would take advantage of this device."

"My day job is being a flight attendant," Austin musician Robynn Shayne said while recording with the device on Lady Bird Lake. "There have been many of my recordings actually recorded in airplane bathrooms. I never thought I'd be sitting in a canoe in the middle of a lake recording my music."

"I'm using the voice memos app like crazy all the time," Nathaniel Cardaci said, who is the lead singer of the Austin-based band Tresoui. "Usually someone brings in a part and we just kind of play off of it. Being able to send each other the parts would be useful."

"We can definitely see how this could be useful for bands who need to share music with each other," Brently Heilbron said, who created Austin's emo puppet band Fragile Rock. "It sounds great."

Spire Studio was named as one of the "Biggest Music Tech Innovations & Trends of 2017" by the Recording Academy, which is the academy that awards musicians with GRAMMYs.

"It's just a beautiful, portable, all-in-one innovation," Thurmond said. "We let technology get out of the way of creativity."

The Spire Studio is currently going for $349. To learn more about iZotope, you can click here and to learn more about Spire Studio, you can click here.

Aired story also includes video shot by Gold Ventures.