AUSTIN -- It's time to get the blood pumping with this locally grown tech gadget.  It is a fun way to stick with your 2016 exercise resolution.  You've made the promise but sticking to it is a universal problem. The CDC said less than 50 percent of adults meet federal physical activity guidelines. 

Austin based Blue Goji may be able to fix that. 

"Take the monotonous part of exercise out of the equation," said Blue Goji founder Coleman Fung. 

Fung and his team are combining exercise and gaming with Goji Play, a game-infused cardio workout. Two portable controllers snap on cardio equipment and are linked via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. 

It's not about distraction, it's about focusing your attention Fung explains, "So instead of just doing your cardio and looking for ways to distract yourself like watching video or listening to music, we actually change the whole equation. We want you to concentrate."

The games range from boxing to running with a dog.

If your exercise slows so does the game. "If I stop, the guy will stop eventually. So basically if you don't move, you can't play," Fung said while on a treadmill in the company's south Austin headquarters.

There are 16 games now with more on the way. Goji Play is connected to bigger platform called Goji Go which is a complete wellness tracker. "It's not just about cardio. It's not just about going out for the bike ride or what but we allow you to really pool all your activities," Fung said.

He is a strong believer that quick exercise breaks instead of coffee breaks will get us all on the road to health.  "Look if you are already active and doing all kinds of great then motivate your friends to do it. And if you need a little help then there you have it."

Goji Play cost $119 for the controllers, with the app and games at no additional cost. Blue Goji just announced a Goji Madness Tournament where you compete with others around the country similar to the March Madness Basketball tournament. The prizes might just be worth it, ranging from cameras and exercise equipment to trips and a brand new car. Go here for more information.