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'We'll always be a Chaparral for life' | Brees and Foles reflect

Westlake alums and Super Bowl MVPs Drew Brees and Nick Foles discussed playing each other again

"Sunday Funday" will have a local flavor this weekend.

"I know that there's going to be a lot of people in Austin watching this game," Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles said.

They'll be tuning in to see two Westlake High School alums, Foles and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, go head-to-head in the NFL's NFC divisional round.

"I know he and I both think highly of the school," Foles said.

They also hold each other in high regard.

"I stay in touch with him a little bit, and I've been happy for his success. He's obviously worked hard for it," Brees said.

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"Drew is a hall of famer," Foles said. "I feel like he's one of the best quarterbacks ever. But, the thing that's always impressed me is who he is as a person and what he represents and how he's impacted the community."

Foles made an impression on Brees when he watched Foles play in high school.

"The 10-year anniversary for my high school team's state championship was 2006," Brees said. "I remember flying back and kind-of being a part of that homecoming experience, and the starting quarterback of my high school at the time was Nick Foles. So, it's funny how things play out. But he's done a phenomenal job."

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Sunday will be the first time in NFL history that a playoff game features two Super Bowl MVP quarterbacks from the same high school.

"Growing up and being a part of the football program and a part of the basketball program, just going to school there and getting the education, we'll always be a Chaparral for life."

After Sunday, they'll be in the record books for life.

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