His name is a challenge to pronounce, but he'll gladly sound it for you,

"Osorachukwu Chukuameka Ifesinachukwu", says the Vandegrift High School senior to be defensive end.

Ifesinachukwu's has special special meanings,"my 1st name means God's will. My middle name means thanks be to God and my last name means everything comes from God".

The Vipers head coach, Drew Sanders said, "I wish my name was that, that's pretty cool".

Ifesinachukwu represents all 15 syllables of his Nigerian rooted name with pride. I asked him what percentage of the time is his name mispronounced, the big defensive end said, "probably 99% of the time", which is understandable.

That reason alone is why everyone calls him, Oso!

Oso shares the same nickname as a former NFL running back who also has Nigerian roots, the Nigerian Nightmare.

The modern day Nigerian Nightmare already has 9 offers from college football programs, mainly from Ivy League schools. If football doesn't work out, Oso said his he has other career aspirations. "I want to be a biological engineer" said Oso.

By the way, Oso is also a talented pianist and musician to go along with his 15-syllable full name.