AUSTIN, Texas — The extreme Texas heat is always an obstacle for preseason August football camps.

On Wednesday, Texas head coach Tom Herman decided it was time to go indoors for the first time in camp this season.

The Longhorns practiced inside of the bubble adjacent to Frank Denius Fields. However, practicing indoors was not given, but earned.

“We earned the right to practice inside. We’ve been practicing hard. Everybody has been flying around, so we earned this day to be inside," said Texas senior defensive tackle, Chris Nelson.

Wednesday's practice was the sixth of preseason camp for the Longhorns, so a break indoors was definitely welcomed. Although at this point -- only three weeks away from the season opener at Maryland -- it’s natural to become fatigued.

Nelson said overcoming that fatigue is dependent on your mindset.

“So, whenever you’re feeling down, we come out and it’s one of those days. I’m going to need you. Talk to your guy next to you. You’ve got to talk to one another to get through it,” Nelson said.

Practice was closed to the media, but there has been progress with the development of the offensive line, according to senior offensive lineman Patrick Vahe. He said his position group is stressing accountability.

"I’m trusting the guy behind me to do their job and I’m expecting everyone behind to keep myself accountable. So, if I mess up, they’re on me. Everybody’s words matter,” said Vahe.

Vahe was also recently named to the 2018 watch list for the Polynesian College Football Player of the Year Award.