AUSTIN, Texas — In five years, Jerrod Heard has seen his share of changes.

From new coaches to switching positions, one thing has remained the constant, however.

"The fact that I love my guys so much and when I walk into the locker room, that's who I do it for," Heard said.

In 2014, Heard began his stint in the Longhorns program as a quarterback, but two years later, he was asked to switch to wide receiver.

"Regardless of where I play or what I do, I just have to go 100 percent," Heard told KVUE.

Ever since, Heard has taken on a new told and has embraced a new coaching staff.

"Each day, we get stronger and stronger," Heard said. "I feel like everyone goes through that, coaching changes. As time goes, your process of trusting and understanding each other, you know, grows as well."

In 2017, the Texas Longhorns finished with a 7-6 record, the team's first winning season since 2013. Refusal for another bad year in the minds of the players fuels the 2018 squad.

"Challenge accepted," Heard said. "The fact that we can do these things and now let's put it to hand, keep the consistency, and strive to greater and bigger things."

Heard said he personally hopes to be the Longhorns go-to receiving option. But will Texas fans see him under center at any point?

"I can't speak on that. Ask coach Herman," Heard said.

Well, Tom?

"The guy who will take the first snap will be Sam," Herman said. "Then the next time the ones go out, Shane will take that first rep with the ones. Cameron and Casey will split the rest of the reps with the two's."

Not much of a surprise there, but Heard would make a nice insurance package at quarterback should the Longhorns get bitten by the injury bug.