AUSTIN — It's a big week for the Longhorns. A top 25 team from University of Southern California comes to town on Sept. 15 and gives the Longhorns another test.

Texas Football has a passing grade so far with a 1-1 record. Texas lost to Maryland in their season opening, but won the Longhorns' first home game of the season to Tulsa.

Texas even got a single vote in the latest coaches poll.

But most fans want more.

"I love our fans," Tom Herman said following the win to the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. "Mack Brown told me when I got the job that this can be the greatest job in America because there's tens of millions of people that care very passionately about what happens with their Longhorn football team."


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But Herman has seen the highs and lows in his 15 games as head coach in Austin. Eight wins and seven losses so far.

"It can be one that's difficult too for the exact same reason, because there's tens of millions of people. But at the end of the day we're never -- the expectations that are put on us from the outside are never going to meet or exceed the expectations that we put on ourselves," he said.

Experts said Texas is the favorite, by about a field goal, in the game with USC on Saturday. The Trojans are coming off a tough loss to highly ranked Stanford.

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