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Shelter in Shape with Jake: Wolverine

Unleash your inner superhero with nine different moves and your option of three different levels.

AUSTIN, Texas — Today's workout is called Wolverine because it takes a superhero-level effort to get through level three.

Regardless of how many sets you choose (three sets for level one, five sets for level two, seven sets for level three), you'll be doing nine different exercises in the following order:

  • 24 high knees
  • 24 squats
  • 24 climbers
  • 10 raised-leg push-ups
  • 10 shoulder touches
  • 10 plank jacks
  • 12 reverse crunches
  • 12 sitting twists
  • 24 flutter kicks

After going through the nine moves, rest for up to two minutes between each set.

Credit: KVUE Sports

How fast can you get through the 63 moves on level three?

Let me know if you beat my time.

Shelter in Shape with Jake is a nightly segment where KVUE sports reporter Jake Garcia will take you through his at-home or socially-distant workout of the day and shares his favorite viewer submissions.

The rules are simple. Any athletic activity is accepted. Submissions are open to the Austin area and beyond.

Email your workout videos to jgarcia@kvue.com or send them to @Jake_M_Garcia on Twitter or @jakegarciakvue on Instagram.


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