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Shelter in Shape: Time Under Tension

Some gyms in Texas will be opening their doors for the first time in over a month on May 18. Others have decided to double down on the virtual route.

AUSTIN, Texas —

Gyms will be given the green light to reopen across the state of Texas on May 18, albeit with strict guidelines in place.

Those guidelines include only operating at 25% occupancy and mandatory cleaning after the equipment is used.

But what if you're a member of a gym that's decided to keep the doors shut? Or what if you don't feel comfortable exercising around others just yet?

Sumair Bhasin, the owner of TrainLifeFit, said it's a feeling that's understandable and it's why he's decided to wait at least two weeks past May 18 before opening his gym.

“I feel like it’s too early and I don’t want to risk the possibility of harming one of my clients," he said. "Even if there’s a slight risk, I’m just like, ‘Shoot. I don’t want to risk that.'”

In the meantime, Bhasin is doubling down on his digital efforts — efforts that were a part of his model before the COVID-19 outbreak.

TrainLifeFit relies on an app called TrueCoach that allows its coaches to post workouts for clients.

At the end of each week, the clients send video updates of their progress.

Then, a group class is held to sort through any issues in technique.

It's a five-month process that Bhasin said starts with function and ends with performance.

One of those workouts is "Time Under Tension." Bhasin took KVUE Sports Reporter Jake Garcia through each of the moves.

“It's a very connected training session, where you can feel every muscle group that needs to fire in sequence. It feels freaking intense, but it’s so effective,” he said.


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As the philosophy of the workout goes, the longer your muscles are under tension, the more connected your entire body becomes.

Best of all, the only equipment you need is a yoga block or a book.

“There’s so much you can do with principles when it comes to training," Bhasin said. "Rather than thinking, 'I need all this equipment,' if the principle is, 'Hey, let me create a lot of time under tension with the right muscle groups,' it doesn’t matter what you have."

“I just want people to be safe and still make gains at home," he added. "There’s so many ways to make gains outside of the gym.”


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