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Shelter in Shape: Gains in a Gaiter

It may not be the most comfortable workout, but if it's going to keep others safe and you in shape, it's worth it.

AUSTIN, Texas — Consider today's workout the most obvious example yet of how staying safe and staying in shape can coexist.

The workout is called "Gains in a Gaiter," and is proof that we can work out intensely with a piece of fabric over our face.

It calls for four sets of moves five different times.

  • 20 sit-ups
  • 30 push-ups
  • 40 squats
  • 50 lunges

The goal is to focus on the gain and resist the urge to complain.

Many others in the Shelter in Shape movement remain hard at work as well.

Hellah Sidibe is a former professional soccer player, who has run at least seven miles a day for more than 1,100 days in a row.

When it comes to Gains in a Gaiter, a hater might say the mask isn't necessary. Your response would be that you're building calluses for your mind. Consider the mask a cool-down mechanism that also increases your heart rate.

The sit-ups can be handled with ease.

The push-ups start to get annoying in rounds four and five.

Those who skip leg day will be exposed with the lunges and squats.

It's a workout that's unexpectedly challenging, and while it might not be the most comfortable thing to wear a mask while exercising, if it's going to keep others safe and you in shape, it certainly has its benefits.

Shelter in Shape with Jake is a weekly segment where KVUE sports reporter Jake Garcia takes you through an at-home or socially distant workout and shares his favorite viewer submissions.

The rules are simple. Any athletic activity is accepted. Submissions are open to the Austin area and beyond.

Email your workout videos to jgarcia@kvue.com or send them to @Jake_M_Garcia on Twitter or @jakegarciakvue on Instagram.