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Shelter in Shape: Fans of Resistance Bands at-home workout

Keep your social distance. Consider working out with a little resistance.

AUSTIN, Texas — Up to this point, every one of the Shelter in Shape workouts has been done without professional equipment.

But now that we're into August, and going on month five of a global pandemic, it's quite possible many have broken down and upgraded home gyms.

Jake decided to go with resistance bands because the noise complaints from the burpees were starting to pile up.

With that in mind, today's workout is called "Fans of Resistance Bands."

Perhaps by the end of it, you won't feel that way.

It's a high intensity interval training where the 10 different moves are done for one minute each, and are separated by 20 seconds of rest.

The workout goes as follows:

  • Right leg lunges
  • Left leg lunges
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Shoulder press
  • Squat pulls
  • Band push-ups
  • Tricep extensions
  • Chest press
  • Standing rows

Resist the urge to give up and quit.

It's a total-body workout that's perfect if you want to maintain muscle but don't have a lot of time.

The rest of the Shelter in Shape community remains hard at work.

The high school athletes at Bam Performance have been performing in custom masks.

Meanwhile, Devon Levesque has one impressive array of workouts on his Instagram page. His one mile of bear crawls with 30-pound dumbbells in each hand looked particularly impossible.

Shelter in Shape with Jake is a weekly segment where KVUE sports reporter Jake Garcia takes you through an at-home or socially distant workout and shares his favorite viewer submissions.

The rules are simple. Any athletic activity is accepted. Submissions are open to the Austin area and beyond.

Email your workout videos to jgarcia@kvue.com or send them to @Jake_M_Garcia on Twitter or @jakegarciakvue on Instagram.