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'So many people showed up'; San Antonio mini golf course revamped | Texas Outdoors

It's believed to be the oldest mini golf course in the country, but some San Antonians don't even know it exists.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — It's been around for almost 93 years now, yet, some people are just now discovering the fun at Cool Crest Mini Golf.

"It was daycare for us. My parents would drop us off with our cousins, and we would play all day," said Mitchell Andry.

Now, Andry is at Cool Crest almost every day, because he's one of the owners. "No, way!" he said was his first reaction when one of his brothers came to him with the idea of buying it. 

Now, he can't imagine doing anything else.

Cool Crest has only had three owners since it first opened in September of 1929. In that time, countless people have spent hours of time trying their best to succeed in the course. 

And now, there is something new to attract people.

Andry said, "We decided to add the beer garden on the back side." Then, they came up with the idea of having live music every Friday night. Andry said last Friday, so many people showed up. They were a little overwhelmed.

The front 18 holes remain virtually unchanged since they were first built. A second 18 were added in 1959. 

The course is so well known, it will host the 2023 U.S. Open MIni Golf Championship.

There is an opportunity to introduce a whole new generation to the fun of miniature golf. And they want to keep it affordable. Children play for $8, adults for $10. 

If you would like to check it out, click here.

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