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TEXANS ADVANCE! Houston outlasts Buffalo 22-19 in OT of AFC Wild Card match-up

The Houston Texans are hosting the Buffalo Bills for their Wild Card Weekend match-up Saturday at NRG Stadium.

HOUSTON — Deshaun Watson threw a touchdown pass and ran for a score in regulation and then led the winning drive in overtime as the Texans added another comeback to Houston playoff history by rallying from a double-digit second-half deficit for a 22-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the playoffs. 

Both teams had to punt on their first possessions of overtime. On Houston’s next drive, Watson evaded a sack by wriggling away from one defender and bouncing off another before rolling out to find Taiwan Jones for a 34-yard reception to set up first-and-goal. Ka'imi Fairbairn then kicked a 28-yard field goal to lift Houston to the victory.

The Texans are set to play the Kansas City Chiefs at 2:05 p.m. next Sunday in the divisional round after the Tennessee Titans defeated the New England Patriots 20-13 Saturday night.

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Below is a running log of the game.


(3:23): The Ka'imi Fairbairn field goal is GOOD! TEXANS WIN 22-19!

(4:16): Deshaun Watson escapes pass rushers and hits Antwan Jones for a huge gain and a first down!

(5:00): Carlos Hyde gets a couple yards. 2nd and 6.

(5:19): Kenny Stills picks up 10 yards for a 1st down.

(6:01): Deshaun Watson with a 5-yard gain to bring up 2nd and 5.

(6:56): Deshaun Watson's 18-yard pass to Duke Johnson is complete for a 1st down.

(7:43): Deshaun Watson is sacked for a 7th time this game.

(9:02): DeAndre Hopkins' 10-yard gain.

(9:44): A couple of Josh Allen incomplete passes forces Buffalo to punt. Texans get the ball back.

(10:31): Zach Cunningham stops Josh Allen to bring up 2nd down.

(11:21): Devin Singletary with a 14-yard gain gives Buffalo a 1st down at the 43-yard line.

(11:24): J.J. Watt's hit on Josh Allen stops Buffalo to bring up 3rd down.

(11:58): John Brown 1-yard gain brings up 2nd and 9. Timeout Buffalo.

(12:36): Dawson knox picks up 14 yards for a Buffalo 1st down.

(12:45): Another incomplete pass brings up 3rd and 12.

(13:26): Josh Allen is brought down on the 28-yard line.

(13:41): Deshaun Watson's pass is incomplete to Darren Fells on 3rd down.

(15:00): DeAndre Hopkins picks up a 10-yard gain on 1st and 15 (false start penalty came before).

Fourth quarter

(0:10): Steven Hauschka's 47-yard field goal attempt is good. The game is tied at 19.

(0:15): Another incomplete pass brings up 4th down.

(0:20): Josh Allen's pass is incomplete to Duke Williams to bring up 3rd and 10.

(0:34): Buffalo picks up a 1st down with Josh Allen's pass to Isaiah McKenzie. The play was reviewed, as it appears he was short and his knee was down. The ruling on the field stands. 

(0:39): Bradley Roby almost gets the interception. 3rd and 10.

(0:44): Josh Allen's pass to John Brown is incomplete. 2nd and 10.

(0:50): Buffalo picks up a first down with a John Brown 14-yard completion.

(1:03): Josh Allen's pass is incomplete to John Brown. He throws another incomplete pass on the next play to bring up 3rd and 10.

(1:16): Josh Allen fumbles but it's recovered. 1st and 10 for Buffalo.

(1:16): Deshaun Watson runs up the middle for no gain on 4th down. Buffalo gets the ball back.

(1:27): Carlos Hyde picks up a yard and is half a yard short of a 1st down.

(1:31): Carlos Hyde picks up 3 yards. 3rd and 2 for Texans.

(1:35): TEXANS SACK! Josh Allen is sacked on fourth down!

(2:00): Josh Allen's pass is incomplete. Intentional grounding is called on Buffalo to ut them at 4th and 27.

(2:15): Mike Adams stops Franks Gore on 2nd and 10 for a 3-yard loss.

(3:05): Buffalo converts on third down. 1st and 10 on the 25-yard line.

(3:45): Benardrick McKinney stops Devin Singletary to bring up 3rd and 1.

(4:37): Buffalo makes a 38-yard play on its first possession of this drive.

(4:37): TOUCHDOWN TEXANS! Carlos Hyde runs it in for 5 yards. The 2-point conversion attempt is good with a DeAndre Hopkins completion. The Texans take the lead 19-16.

(5:08): Carlos Hyde drops the pitch but recovers and brings up 2nd and goal.

(5:57): The Texans convert on third down with Deshaun Watson's 14-yard pass to Darren Fells. 1st and goal at the Buffalo 1.

(8:56): Deshaun Watson throws deep to DeAndre Hopkins for a 41-yard completion.

(9:29): Deshaun Watson picks up 5 yards.

(9:40): The Texans stop Buffalo on third down.

(10:55): The Texans settle for a field goal and still trail Buffalo 16-11.

(13:38): Deshaun Watson's deep pass to Kenny Stills (20 yards) is complete for a first down.

(14:18): Whitney Mercilus forces a fumble on third down!

Third quarter

(1:33): TOUCHDOWN TEXANS! Deshaun Watson runs it in for 20 yards and the Texans' first TD. His 2-point conversion attempt is GOOD.

(2:09): DeAndre Hopkins picks up a first down with a 10-yard reception.

(2:50): Deshaun Watson scrambles and runs out of bounds on 2nd down.

(4:29): Carlos Hyde picks up 8 yards. Texans are driving...

(5:07): Deshaun Watson to DeAndre Hopkins for 11 yards and a first down.

(6:41): J.J. IS BACK! J.J. Watt comes up with a big sack on Josh Allen on third down. Buffalo comes away with a field goal and still leads 16-0.

(8:12): Frank Gore's 14-yard run gives Buffalo another first down.

(8:55): The Bills convert on 3rd and 1 with Josh Allen's 1-yard run.

(10:06): Deshaun Watson's pass is complete to DeAndre Hopkins, but he fumbles the ball. Bills recover inside the Texans' 40-yard line.

(10:50): Carlos Hyde picks up 3 yards for a first down.

(11:20): Duke Johnson picks up a 9-yard gain.

(12:14): Zach Cunningham stops Devin Singletary on third down, forcing a Bills punt.

(14:23): The Texans are driving, but Deshaun Watson is sacked at 3rd and 9. That's five sacks on Watson in this game.

(15:00): Touchback to start off the second half.

Second quarter

(0:09): Steven Hauschka's 40-yard field goal puts the Bills up 13-0 at halftime.

(0:38): The Bills convert on another third down with a 3-yard reception for Devin Singletary.

(1:30): Another first down for Buffalo with Devin Singletary's 12-yard reception.

(2:00): Cole Beasley's 21-yard reception gives Buffalo a first down.

(2:34): Josh Allen's 15-yard pass to Duke Williams is complete for a first down.

(3:15): Zach Cunningham brings down Frank Gore to bring up third down.

(4:27): Buffalo converts on 3rd and 2 at the 16-yard line.

(5:45): Brian Anger's 56-yard punt puts Buffalo on its own 4-yard line.

(6:59): Deshaun Watson's pass is complete to Duke Johnson on fourth down, but he comes up short. Texans punt again.

(8:23): Watson is sacked a fourth time on 1st and 15.

(9:25): Deshaun Watson's pass is complete Darren Fells for 10 yards and a first down.

(10:09): Deshaun Watson is sacked on second down. He's been sacked three times in this game.

(10:57): Josh Allen's pass is incomplete to John Brown. Steven Hauschka's 40-yard field goal is good. BUffalo leads 10-0.

(11:38): Benardrick McKinney stops Josh Allen up the middle to bring up 3rd and long for Buffalo.

(11:44): Gareon Conley has the pass deflection in the end zone.

(12:06): Texans force a fumble, and Whitney Mercilus returns it to the 46-yard line. The replay, however, shows Josh Allen's knee is down.

(12:49): John Brown picks up another first down for Buffalo with a 28-yard reception.

(13:35): Buffalo converts on third down with a 10-yard Isaiah McKenzie reception.

First quarter

(0:39): The Texans force a Bills punt on the second possession.

(2:48): The Texans convert on third down with Deshaun Watson's 11-yard pass to Darren Fells, but a sack on third down brings up fourth and long.

(7:15): DeAndre Hopkins is called for pass interference on third down. Bill O'Brien challenges, but the call stands, and Houston loses a timeout.

(11:08): Duke Johnson picks up a Texans first down with a 19-yard run.

(11:50): John Brown hits the throw back pass to Josh Allen for a 16-yard touchdown on second down. Bills gets on the board first 7-0.

Wild Card match-up

The Texans won their fourth AFC South title in the last four years. The Texans are a 2.5-point favorite to advance in the playoffs.

The team rested most of their starters in a 35-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans last week, while the Bills were thumped by the Jets, 13-6.

The Texans defense will get a boost from the return of J.J. Watt, coming back from what was considered a season-ending pectoral muscle injury. Quarterback Deshaun Watson, who sat out the Tennessee game, should be ready to go Saturday. DeAndre Hopkins should also be a go after suffering an illness.

Buffalo also rested key players in their loss to the Jets last weekend. QB Josh Allen started, but was pulled early. Cornerback Tre'Davious White and running back Devin Singletary both didn't suit up for the Bills.



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