Ezekiel Elliott is once again set to serve a six-game suspension stemming from domestic violence allegations made against him last year after a New York court denied his motion for an emergency injunction.

The 2nd Circuit court in New York last week granted Elliott a brief administrative stay, allowing him to stay on the field as he had in each of the first eight games.

In a 1 p.m. hearing Thursday, though, a three-judge panel denied Elliott injunctive relief that would've allowed him to continue playing, terminating that stay.

Elliott won't be allowed to play or practice at team facilities, effective immediately, unless his legal team completes another Hail Mary. His camp can request an en banc, or full court, rehearing in the 2nd Circuit or take the case to the Supreme Court.

The case has moved from NFL arbitrator Henderson to a court in the Eastern District of Texas. After that court reinstated his suspension, the case went to the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans and then to the Southern District of New York.

After a string of losses in court, Elliott's options are limited.

Neither remaining avenue is particularly promising for Elliott's camp, according to sports law expert Daniel Wallach. He said both the en banc rehearing and the Supreme Court review are "rarely granted [and] usually have a more developed appellate record" than Elliott's case.

Legal reporter Pete Brush wrote on Twitter Thursday afternoon that an appeal is not likely to be any time soon.

The NFL's second-leading rusher this season missed Thursday's practice to attend the hearing. The Cowboys thought that, if Elliott's presence could lead to a favorable ruling, it was worth him making the trip.

The Cowboys' next six games come against the Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Oakland Raiders. He'll be eligible to return Christmas Eve against the Seattle Seahawks.

at Falcons
vs Eagles
vs Chargers
vs Redskins
at Giants
at Raiders

Elliott is now likely to miss each of those games, and return for the last two games of the year, vs. Seattle and at Philadelphia.

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) November 9, 2017