AUSTIN — Long ago, Texas senior defensive lineman Breckyn Hager made his commitment to the University of Texas. Shortly after, he set a new goal: he wouldn't cut his hair until Texas won the Big 12 Championship.

"That's a pretty convicted individual," said Texas head coach Tom Herman.

That promise was made three years ago, but this Saturday, much to Hager's delight, the scissors might make an appearance. Texas faces Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship game.

His roommate, Andrew Beck, knows just how much Hager's looking forward to losing those golden locks.


Texas Longhorn Breckyn Hager continues to honor his hair promise

A haircut may be on the horizon for Texas Longhorn Breckyn Hager

"He's excited, man. He's excited. We're so close now," said Beck. "He's just brushing his hair, and he's like 'I hate this thing. I hate this.'"

Hager admitted at Big 12 media days earlier this year that he is not a fan of the long hair.

"It's just long hair, and I do care," said Hager.

Apparently, a lot of his teammates aren't big fans of it either -- as there's no shortage of volunteers to help rid him of those golden locks.

"I'd definitely be willing to cut it definitely," said quarterback Sam Ehlinger.

"That would mean a lot to me personally," said receiver Collin Johnson.

"Absolutely," said Herman.

Offensive lineman Patrick Vahe may have an ulterior motive.

"I'd probably take his hair. (It) probably costs a lot on eBay," said Vahe. "I actually am concerned about Breckyn cutting his hair because it's a good look for him. I just feel like if Breckyn cuts his hair, then it's going to make me want to cut my hair."

He's not the only one who digs the look.

"Personally, man I kind of like the hair. You know what I mean? So it might hurt me for him to cut it," said P.J. Locke.


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Then there's the debate of how Hager should cut his hair when the time comes.

"Maybe it will be March Madness-style, and everyone goes around and gets a snip," said Herman.

Beck said they may already have a solution.

"We negotiated already. He said he's going to have pigtails, and I get to cut one. And it's going in a bag, so he wants to hold onto it. I don't know why, but he wants to."

If Hager's hair happens to go missing, they might have to check eBay or Vahe's locker!