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HIGHLIGHTS: Texas Longhorns come back to win 63-56 against Texas Tech in OT

UT heads to Lubbock with a 1-0 record after defeating UTEP 59-3 in the season opener. Texas Tech defeated Houston Baptist in its first game, 35-33.

LUBBOCK, Texas —

Final: Texas 63, Texas Tech 56


If you're one for the theatrical, this game was definitely for you. Well, for Longhorns fans. 

The game had everything: blocked punts for both sides, special teams touchdowns, plenty of interceptions for both defenses and big plays in the passing game. Texas controlled the game for much of the first half, but Texas Tech would not go away lightly. A strong third-quarter push from the Red Raiders gave Tech its first lead of the game on the final play before the fourth quarter. 

A 75-yard touchdown run by SaRodorick Thompson seemed to have sealed the Longhorns fate, putting Texas Tech up 56-41 with only 3:13 left in the game. Texas would respond with a touchdown drive, a recovered onside kick, and another touchdown (with a two-point conversion) to erase that 15-point deficit.

“Our quarterback actually looked at me and said 'they left us too much time, we are going to tie this up and win it in overtime.' And I believed him," Tom Herman said. "If Sam Ehlinger was trying to sell me oceanfront property in Arizona, I would probably write him a check. He was right. Really proud of the offense, and onside kick team to get the ball back. The two-point play is a play that might look familiar to you guys, was run against us by West Virginia a couple of years back. Brennan and Sam had a little signal with what they wanted to run against single man coverage with no help. We ran a slant and the rest is history." 

UT rode that momentum into overtime and completed the unlikely comeback. 

Sam Ehlinger finished the day 27-for-40, 262 passing yards, five passing touchdowns and one interception. He also contributed 70 yards rushing with a rushing touchdown. 

Keaontay Ingram racked up 89 yards on 12 carries, and Roschon Johnson added 43 yards on 16 carries and a rushing touchdown.

Texas Tech was led by Alan Bowman and Thompson. Bowman went 31-for-51 for 325 passing yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. Thompson finished with 104 yards rushing on 16 carries and had two rushing touchdowns. 

Texas is scheduled to play TCU on Oct. 3. 


Texas 63, Texas Tech 56

Texas Tech won the toss and chose to be on defense first. 

Texas (Tech 25): 

Key moments/plays: Ingram broke free to get Texas inside the 10-yard line. Ehlinger found Moore for a touchdown pass. Texas Tech now has an opportunity to tie.

Result: Touchdown.

Texas Tech (Texas 25): 

Key moments/plays: Thompson fumbled on a swing pass and Texas recovered the football. The play was reviewed and called an incomplete pass. On fourth-and-14, Bowman threw an interception.

Result: Interception.

Fourth quarter: 

Texas 56, Texas Tech 56

Texas Tech (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: A deep pass from Bowman to Vasher was caught but barely out of bounds. Texas Tech punted the ball on the last play. This game is going to overtime.

Result: Punt. 5 plays, 0:40 taken off the clock.

Texas (Texas Tech 42): 

Key moments/plays: Texas recovered the onside kick.

Ehlinger drove his team down the field both with his legs and also in the air, connecting with Ingram on a couple of check-down passes. Ehlinger and the Longhorns got the ball inside the 10 with under a minute to go, but back-to-back penalties set up UT with 1st and goal from the 18. Ehlinger hit Joshua Moore on a 18-yard touchdown pass. Texas needs a two-point conversion, down 54-56.

Texas converted the two-point conversion. We have a tie ball game. 

Result: Touchdown and two-point conversion. Six plays, 42 yards, 1:59 taken off the clock. 0:40 left in the fourth.

Texas (Own 41): 

Key moments/plays: Ehlinger connected with Schooler over the middle for a gain of 27 yards. Ehlinger hit Kai Money for a first down into Red Raiders red zone territory. Ehlinger capped off the quick drive with a touchdown pass to Brennan Eagles. 

Result: Touchdown. Four plays, 59 yards, 0:34 taken off the clock. 2:39 remains in the fourth.

Texas Tech (Own 22): 

Key moments/plays: SaRodorick Thompson broke a 75-yard touchdown run on the second play of the drive. 

Result: Touchdown. Two plays, 78 yards, 0:59 taken off the clock. 3:13 remains in the fourth quarter.

Texas (Own 35): 

Key moments/plays: Two runs from Ehlinger set up third-and-short. Ehlinger threw a screen to Schooler that was called back for a penalty. On third and seven, Ehlinger was sacked by the Texas Tech defense. 

Results: Punt. Three plays, -16 yards, 1:50 taken off the clock. 4:14 remains in the fourth. 

Texas Tech (Own 44): 

Key moments/plays: SaRodorick Thompson converted a crucial third down on the ground to move the chains at midfield. Bowman hit Dalton Rigdon back-to-back for first down catches. Bowman capped off the drive with a 18-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Vasher. 

Result: Touchdown. Six plays, 56 yards, 2:13 taken off the clock. 6:12 remains in the fourth quarter.

Texas (Own 28): 

Key moments/plays: A strike from Ehlinger to Schooler over the middle for a decent gain was called back due to a penalty and backed up the Longhorns 10 yards. Ehlinger threw an incomplete pass on first-and-20, and Johnson was stopped for a loss of two on second down. Ehlinger was sacked on third-and-22. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, -21 yards, 1:43 taken off the clock. 8:40 remains in the fourth quarter.

Texas Tech (Own 25):

Key moments/plays: Texas forced Texas Tech into a three-and-out. Three straight incomplete passes.

Result: Punt. Three plays, zero yards, 0:13 taken off the clock. 

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Ingram started out the drive strong with a 26-yard run to midfield. Ehlinger, Ingram and Johnson all carried the ball on the ground to the Texas Tech red zone. On fourth-and-one, Johnson almost was stopped short, but churned his way through the Tech defense for a first down. Johnson then took the next play inside the five. On third and goal, Ehlinger was flushed out of the pocket and could not find a receiver. Dicker connected on the short field goal.

Result: Field goal. 12 plays, 64 yards, 4:13 taken off the clock. 10:47 remaining in the fourth.

Third quarter:

Texas 38, Texas Tech 42

Texas Tech (Texas 10): 

Key moments/plays: On the last play of the third quarter, Thompson scored a touchdown to give Texas Tech the first lead of the game. 

Result: Touchdown. One play, 10 yards, 0:04 taken off the clock.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Ehlinger completed a short pass to Kai Money and then took a shot for Brennan Eagles, but it was incomplete. Ehlinger threw his first interception of the season and it was returned to the 10-yard line

Result: Interception. Three plays, three yards, 0:40 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Own 33): 

Key moments/plays: After a short run and a pass completed for a loss, Bowman converted on third-and-16 to T.J. Vasher for a first down. A personal foul penalty gave Texas Tech an extra 15 yards on the play. Facing another third down, Bowman found Vasher again for a 29-yard touchdown pass. 

Results: Touchdown. Six plays, 67 yards, 2:53 taken off the clock. 

Texas (Own 28): 

Key moments/plays: This drive has been scary. Bijan Robinson tried to hurdle a guy and landed very awkwardly. 

Then, Texas pulled out the bag of tricks and tried a double pass, which almost ended horribly and was tipped. Texas was unable to convert third-and-21. 

Result: Punt. Six plays, four yards, 2:21 taken off the clock. 

Texas Tech (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Bowman hit Price for a big gain, but it was called back due to a penalty. The drive continued, however, after Thompson Jr. picked up the first down on a six-yard run. After this, Bowman dinked and dunked the Red Raiders offense to the red zone. The Longhorns stood tall in the red zone and forced a field goal for the Red Raiders. Texas Tech missed the field goal wide right.

Result: Missed field goal. 12 plays, 47 yards, 6:23 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Own 19): 

Key moments/plays: After a short run, back-to-back incomplete passes from Bowman led to a Texas Tech punt. Texas blocked the punt and recovered it for a touchdown. The touchdown was scored by former Pflugerville Connally star Jahdae Barron.

Result: Texas touchdown. Three plays, four yards, 0:38 seconds taken off the clock.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Ehlinger led the Longhorns on a short drive near midfield, but was stopped. Texas punted the ball to the Texas Tech 19-yard line.

Result: Punt. Five plays, 16 yards, 1:00 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Bowman and the Red Raiders went three-and-out to open the second half. On the punt, UT's D'Shawn Jamison muffed the punt and the ball rolled into the end zone and was recovered by Texas Tech. 

Result: Touchdown.  



Both teams have made mistakes here and there, but Texas has turned Tech's mistakes into points. Texas and Texas Tech started out firing on offense. Both squads scored on their opening drives, and UT scored on its first three drives, which gave them a 17-7 lead early. Texas Tech, despite scoring 21 points, have been in their own way with two interceptions. One of the interceptions turned into points for the Longhorns just a few plays later and that has been the difference. 



Sam Ehlinger: 14-18, 130 passing, two passing touchdowns. 54 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. 

Joshua Moore: two catches, 42 yards, one touchdown

Brenden Schooler: four catches, 26 yards, one touchdown

Texas Tech: 

Alan Bowman: 15-22, 172 passing yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions.

KeSean Carter: five catches, 70 yards, two touchdowns

Second quarter: 

Texas 31, Texas Tech 21

Texas Tech (Own 25): 

Key moments / plays: After a dropped lateral pass, recovered by Texas Tech, the Red Raiders took the game to halftime.

Result: Halftime. 

Texas (Texas Tech 17): 

Key moments / plays: Ehlinger hit Schooler for a short touchdown pass on a bubble screen. Ehlinger 14-18 for 130 and two passing touchdowns. 

Result: Touchdown. Four plays, 19 yards, 1:27 taken off the clock. 

Texas Tech (Texas 19): 

Key moments / plays: Bowman was intercepted by Chris Adimora and returned 71 yards to the Texas Tech 14-yard line. 

Result: Interception.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Texas goes three-and-out. The punt was blocked by Texas Tech. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, three yards, 1:24 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Bowman fumbled on the first play, which was scooped up by Juwan Mitchell and returned it for a touchdown. The play went under review. The play was overturned after review to an incomplete pass. Bowman got a rhythm and completed a series of short passes, coupled with a few runs from Xavier White, the Red Raiders drove the ball to into Texas territory. On a free play from an offsides penalty, Bowman threw a jump ball to Erik Ezukanma for a touchdown. 

Result: Touchdown. 11 plays, 75 yards, 3:04 taken off the clock.

Texas (Own 49): 

Key moments/plays: Texas drove the ball again on this drive behind the legs of Ingram. Ingram got 4 touches on the drive. Then Ehlinger popped off a 24-yard run to the one-yard line and UT punched it in with Johnson. Ehlinger is 12-15 for 122 yards in the air and has 54 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown.

Result: Touchdown. Nine plays, 51 yards, 4:13 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Own 45): 

Key moments/plays: Texas Tech recovered an onside kick. Bowman took a shot downfield, which was intercepted by Chris Brown. 

Result: Interception. One play, 0 yards, 0:10 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Texas 49): 

Key moments/plays: Texas was called for a pass interference which moved the chains into Longhorns territory. Bowman then connected with Carter for the second touchdown of the game. Carter has four catches for 65 yards and two touchdowns.

Result: Touchdown. Three plays, 49 yards, 1:26 taken off the clock.

Texas (Own 32): 

Key moments/plays: Two incomplete passes from Ehlinger and a run for no gain led to a three-and-out. 

Result: Three-and-out, punt. Three plays, zero yards, 0:57 taken off the clock.

Texas Tech (Own 27): 

Key moments/plays: Bowman took a shot downfield and did not complete it. Texas Tech punts the ball for its second straight three-and-out. 

Result: Punt.

First quarter:

Texas 17, Texas Tech 7

Texas Tech (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: A short run and incomplete pass ended the first quarter.

Result: End of 1st quarter.

Texas (Own 29):

Key moments/plays: Freshman running back Bijan Robinson got back to back carries to start the drive. Ehlinger kept his short passing rhythm, hitting receivers for screen passes and out routes. Ehlinger also picked up a 14-yard scramble out of pressure. Joshua Moore made a spectacular catch in double coverage for a touchdown. Ehlinger is 9-10 for 101 yards, one passing touchdown and 30 yards rushing and one rushing touchdown. 

Result: Touchdown. Seven plays, 71 yards, 3:09 taken off the clock. 

Texas Tech (Own 25):

Key moments/plays: Alan Bowman missed passes on second and third down. Texas Longhorns defense forces a three-and-out. 

Result: Three-and-out. Three plays, three yards. 0:34 taken off the clock.

Texas (Own 42):

Key moments/plays: A big return by D'Shawn Jamison started the drive near midfield. Ehlinger continued his rhythm, hitting Brennan Eagles and Brenden Schooler on a few passes. Roschon Johnson got some work at running back on this drive. The drive came down to a third-and-six from the 26-yard line. Ehlinger took a shot at the end zone intended for Schooler, but it fell incomplete. Cameron Dicker capped off the drive with a field goal.

Result: Field goal. Eight plays, 32 yards, 2:36 taken off the clock. 

Texas Tech (Own 25)

Key moments / plays: Alan Bowman fired back with an impressive touchdown drive of his own. Bowman went 5-5 for 73 yards, including chunk plays of 18 yards to KeSean Carter and 22 yards to SaRodorick Thompson. The drive was capped off by a touchdown pass from Bowman to Carter.

Result: Touchdown. Six plays, 75 yards, 2:11 taken off the clock.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger and Keaontay Ingram led the Longhorns on a methodical drive down the field. Ingram popped off multiple medium gain runs and finished with 19 yards on five carries on the drive. Ehlinger utilized the short passing game, going 4-4 and 37 passing yards on the drive. Ehlinger hit Brenden Schooler on a pair of wide receiver screens. Texas was faced with fourth-and-two from inside the five-yard line, went for it, and drew an offsides penalty to make it first-and-goal. Texas capped off the opening drive with an Ehlinger touchdown run. 

Result: Touchdown. 13 plays, 75 yards, 5:49 taken off the clock.


The No. 8 Texas Longhorns take on Texas Tech Saturday in their first road game of the 2020 season. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. 

Everything you need to know:

Both teams enter the matchup 1-0, but with much different narratives after their first game. For Texas, week one brought a dominating performance from quarterback Sam Ehlinger, who threw for 426 yards and five touchdowns in the first half and was rested after one drive in the third quarter en route to a 59-3 victory over the University of Texas at El Paso. 

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Texas Tech, on the other hand, barely squeaked out a win against Houston Baptist, 35-33. 

Tom Herman is determined to not allow his team to overestimate the Red Raiders, however. 

"Just because a team won by two points in week one, doesn't mean they're not capable of beating you by 21," Herman told the media in Monday's weekly press conference.

In the past five seasons, UT is 3-2 against Texas Tech and has won two straight matchups. The last time Texas lost to Texas Tech was in 2017, when the Red Raiders took down the Longhorns 27-23. This was also the only time a Tom Herman-led Longhorns team has lost to the Red Raiders. In these past five games between the Longhorns and Red Raiders, the average margin of victory is 9.4 points per game. Every game came down to a single possession except for one outlier: last season's 49-24 Longhorns win on Senior Night.

ESPN's Football Power Index also predicts a 91.6% chance the Longhorns win in Lubbock as of Monday, Sept. 21. Take a look at what the KVUE Sports team predicted here.

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Herman also said Monday that the University of Texas would strategically seat players on the plane ride to Lubbock because if someone tested positive within 48 hours of the plane ride, then whoever is seated two rows in front of or behind said player is also ruled out, even if those players are wearing a mask.

WATCH: Airplane seating chart could impact Texas Longhorns' season 

Austin American-Statesman's Cedric Golden followed up asking if Sam Ehlinger would sit in the cockpit of the plane. 

"He's going to fly on his own plane," Herman responded jokingly.

On another light note, UT players also spoke about the possibility of there being fewer tortillas thrown at them on the field amid the 25% capacity rule for Jones AT&T Stadium. 

"You know, I think my favorite is the tortillas," quarterback Sam Ehlinger said. 

"They do not like us, you know, getting tortillas thrown at us every five minutes, but, in my opinion, that makes the game even more fun," defensive lineman Ta'Quon Graham said.

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"[Stadium capacity] is obviously going to be at 25%, so I don't know if only 25% of the tortillas are going to be thrown or what," offensive lineman Derek Kerstetter said. 

We'll have to see how many flying tortillas the Longhorns see come kickoff time.

WATCH: Tortilla toss at Tech? Longhorns prepare for Red Raider tradition 


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