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HIGHLIGHTS: No. 22 Texas Longhorns lose 53-45 to Oklahoma Sooners in 4OT, longest Red River Showdown in history

Check out live score updates and the latest highlights from the 2020 Red River Showdown in this article.

DALLAS, Texas —

You can listen to the UT-OU game here.

FINAL: Texas 45, Oklahoma 53

Full game analysis: 

Where to start. This was the longest Red River Showdown in series history. 116 games have been played and none have ever gone to four overtimes. All hope seemed lost once again for UT late in the fourth, but a heroic comeback spearheaded by Sam Ehlinger helped the Longhorns erase a 14-point deficit late in the fourth quarter.

But that's only where the fireworks started. Spencer Rattler and Ehlinger traded scores in overtime and double overtime. Then, in triple overtime, featured a blocked field goal by Oklahoma, only for their kicker to shank his game-winner and extend the game to a fourth overtime. 

In the end, OU outlasted UT for the 53-45 win, giving the Sooners its fourth rivalry game win in the past five years.

Ehlinger finished with 287 yards passing, 112 yards rushing and six total touchdowns. Rattler threw for 209 yards and three passing touchdowns and ran for 51 yards and one rushing touchdown. 

Texas and Oklahoma will both have a much needed bye week after this marathon of a game. Texas is scheduled to take on Baylor next at home on Oct. 24.


Texas 45, Oklahoma 53

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Spencer Rattler completed a 25-yard touchdown pass to Drake Stoops. Two-point conversion good. 

Result: Touchdown. One play, 25 yards.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger hit Jordan Whittington on a crossing route for seven yards. Bijan Robinson ran nine yards for a first down to the OU nine-yard line. A holding penalty backed up the UT offense and an incomplete pass set up second and goal from the 19-yard line. Ehlinger threw an interception and OU wins 53-45.

Result: Interception.  Four plays, six yards. 


Texas 45, Oklahoma 45

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: A run by Sam Ehlinger and a pass to Jordan Whittington got the ball to the OU 15-yard line. Ehlinger threw two straight incompletions. On third and 10 from the OU 15-yard line, Ehlinger was sacked for a one-yard loss. OU blocked the field goal attempt by Texas.

Result: Blocked field goal. Six plays, nine yards.

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: OU ran the ball three times and centered the ball. Texas called timeout before the field goal attempt to try and ice the kicker. OU's kicker missed the field goal. We have quadruple overtime.

Result: Missed field goal. 


Texas 45, Oklahoma 45

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Spencer Rattler hit Austin Stogner over the middle for 22 yards to the UT three-yard line. Rattler threw two straight incomplete passes. On third and goal from the three, Rattler ran the ball up the middle and was stopped short. Texas used its timeout of the double overtime period. 

On fourth and goal from the half-inch line, Rattler scored on a quarterback sneak. OU leads 45-38.

Result: Touchdown. Five plays, 25 yards. 

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger ran up the left sideline for a 25-yard touchdown run, his fourth rushing touchdown of the game. 

Result: Touchdown. Two plays, 25 yards. 


Texas 38, Oklahoma 38

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Kety moments/plays: Spencer Rattler scrambled to the left, broke a few tackles and picked up eight yards to the UT 17-yard line. Rattler kept the ball on a zone read for three yards and a first down. Rattler completed a four-yard pass to Austin Stogner. Marcus Major ran for two-yard loss. Rattler completed an 11-yard touchdown pass to Stogner. The game has been tied again and we'll have double overtime. 

Result: Touchdown. Five plays, 25 yards.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger threw a screen to Jordan Whittington for one yard. Ehlinger took a shot at the end zone for Brennan Eagles, but it fell incomplete. Ehlinger converted on third and nine with a pass over the middle to Whittington to the OU 14-yard line. Ehlinger ran the ball down to the OU three-yard line. Ehlinger punched it in for his third rushing touchdown of the game UT takes a 38-31 lead. OU has an opportunity to tie now.

Result: Touchdown. Five plays, 25 yards.

4th quarter: 

Texas 31, Oklahoma 31

Oklahoma (Own 28): 

Key moments/plays: Spencer Rattler took a knee to take the game to OT.

Result: End of regualtion. Going to OT. 

Texas (Own 26): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger ran for 17 yards and completed a 17-yard pass to Brennan Eagles to the OU 40-yard line. Ehlinger scrambled for another 10 yards to the OU 30-yard line. OU called its second timeout with 1:12 remaining in the game. A holding penalty backed up the UT offense to the OU 40-yard line with 1:03 remaining. Ehlinger connected with Moore for 19 yards to the OU 21-yard line. Ehlinger took a shot for the end zone intended for Tarik Black, which fell incomplete. Ehlinger threw a pass intended for Kai Money and OU was called for pass interference with 18 seconds left. Ehlinger hit Keaontay Ingram for a two-yard touchdown to tie the game with 14 seconds left. 

Result: Touchdown. Eight plays, 84 yards.

Oklahoma (Own 46):

Key moments/plays: Cameron Dicker attempted the onside kick and UT almost recovered it, but OU possesses the ball at their own 46-yard line. On the first play, Texas forced a fumble but it was recovered by OU. OU got a short gain on second down. On third and nine, Spencer Rattler threw an incomplete pass. Texas will have nearly two minutes to tie the game. OU punted the ball and Texas returned the ball close to their own 30-yard line. A holding penalty backed up the UT return. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, one yard. 

Texas (50 yard line): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger took a deep shot intended for Joshua Moore, which fell incomplete. On third and five, Ehlinger scrambled up the middle for 20 yards. UT drew OU offsides for a five-yard penalty to put the ball at the OU 20-yard line. A defensive holding penalty on OU put the ball on the nine-yard line. Sam Ehlinger hit Joshua Moore for a nine-yard touchdown. OU leads UT 31-24 with 3:28 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Result: Touchdown. Four plays, 50 yards.

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays:  T.J. Pledger ran twice for short gains of two and three, causing UT to use two timeouts. Theo Wease ran for a loss of 10 yards and UT used its final timeout of the second half. OU punted the ball to the 50 yard line.

Result: Punt. Three plays, negative five yards.

Texas (Own 10): 

Key moments/plays: After two short gains, Sam Ehlinger ran to the right sideline in what was originally called a first down conversion, but was later reversed. Texas went for it on fourth and short in their own territory and converted. Ehlinger popped a 26-yard pass to Bijan Robinson on third and three to midfield. Another pass to Robinson and an Ehlinger 11-yard run had UT knocking on the red zone. Ehlinger took a shot for the end zone intended for Joshua Moore and OU intercepted the pass. 

Result: Interception. 10 plays, 67 yards. 

Oklahoma (Own 2): 

Key moments/plays: T.J. Pledger single-handedly ran the ball out of the danger zone. Rattler added another big popping run for 23 yards to the Texas 40-yard line. OU ran the ball every single play of the drive except for one third down play where Rattler was sacked. OU punted the ball to the UT 10-yard line. 7:02 remains in the 4th quarter.

Result: Punt. Seven plays 54 yards.

Texas (Own 29): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger completed a couple passes to Joshua Moore, but a Keaontay Ingram run for loss and Ehlinger incompletion set up UT with another third and long. On third down, Ehlinger was flushed from the pocket and sacked for a loss of seven yards. UT pinned the OU offense at their own two-yard line.

Result: Punt. Five plays, nine yards.

Oklahoma (Con't): 

Key moments/plays: On third and 15, Rattler threw an incomplete pass and UT got a much needed stop. OU punted the ball to the UT 29-yard line.

Result: Punt. Four plays, nine yards.

3rd quarter:

Texas 17, Oklahoma 31

Oklahoma (Own 27): 

Key moments/plays: Spencer Rattler completed a 14-yard pass to Jeremiah Hall. This play ended the third quarter.

Result: End of third quarter.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Texas goes three and out for the third straight drive of the second half. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, nine yards. 

Oklahoma (Own 13): 

Key moments/plays: Spencer Rattler orchestrated the offense down the field, converting on multiple third downs, including two big third and long catches by Theo Wease. Rattler also got some yards on the ground, such as his 16-yard scamper to the Texas 15-yard line. Rattler and the OU offense capped off the long, methodical drive with a one-yard run for a touchdown by Pledger.

Result: Touchdown. 17 plays, 87 yards.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger was sacked on the first play. This is OU's fourth sack of the game. Ehlinger completed a slant pass to Brennan Eagles for 10 yards. On third and seven,  Ehlinger completed a pass short to Keaontay Ingram, who was stopped short of the first down. UT punted the ball to the OU 13-yard line.

Result: Punt. Three plays, nine yards.

Oklahoma (Texas 15): 

Key moments/plays: Spencer Rattler returned for OU. Rattler completed a pass to  T.J. Pledger to the UT one-yard line. Pledger punched it in on the next play for a touchdown. OU takes a 24-17 lead on UT.

Result: Touchdown. Three plays, 15 yards.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Bijan Robinson got two carries to start the drive, but a block in the back penalty backed up the UT offense. Sam Ehlinger was sacked on second and 16. Ehlinger's third down pass fell incomplete. Three-and-out for UT to start the second half. Marvin Mims returned the punt 36 yards to the Texas 30-yard line. UT's punter also got called for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, negative 12 yards.

HALFTIME: Texas 17, Oklahoma 17

First half analysis:

Texas' defense has kept the Longhorns in this game. OU had all the momentum early, but three straight turnovers forced by the UT defense led to 10 of the 17 first half points scored. UT is winning the turnover battle three to one. 

Midway through the first half, star freshman quarterback Spencer Rattler went down with an injury, was replaced by Tanner Mordecai and has yet to return. 

So far, Sam Ehlinger leads all players with 123 passing yards, while also contributing 23 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. 

Texas had an opportunity to take a lead late in the first half, but once again penalties have got in the team's way. A false start penalty pushed UT out of field goal range late in the first half. UT and OU each have six penalties in the first half.

2nd quarter: 

Texas 17, Oklahoma 17 

Oklahoma (Own 2): 

Key moments/plays: Mordecai took a knee to conclude the first half.

Result: Haltime. 

Texas (Own 45): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger hit Joshua Moore on his first pass for eight yards, but was sacked on second down for a loss of seven. Texas called its second timeout. On third and long, Ehlinger avoided multiple OU defenders and hit Moore for a first down. Oklahoma took a timeout with 43 seconds remaining in the first half. Ehlinger checked the ball down to Keaontay Ingram for eight yards and got into field goal range. On third and two, Ehlinger's pass to Marcus Washington was incomplete. Texas called its final timeout of the half with 28 seconds left. Texas committed a false start on fourth and two. UT will now punt the ball away instead of being in field goal range. UT punted the ball to the OU two-yard line.

Result: Punt.  Six plays, 13 yards.

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Charleston Rambo made a incredible catch for 12 yards over the middle on third down.

Texas' defense stood tall and forced OU into third and 21 to go. An offsides penalty moved the ball up to third and 16. Texas called its first timeout with 1:46 left in the first half. Mordecai could not convert the third down pass. OU punted the ball to the Texas 45-yard line.

Result: Punt. Six plays, 11 yards.

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger marched the UT offense down the field with passes to Brennan Eagles and Jordan Whittington, and running the ball himself for a few. On third down from the OU 47-yard line, Ehlinger hit Tarik Black for 24 yards. On the next play, Ehlinger looked for Joshua Moore and drew a pass interference penalty. Ehlinger connected with Whittington to the OU two-yard line. Ehlinger scored his second rushing touchdown of the day from two yards out. UT tied the game again at 17-17.

Result: Touchdown. Eight plays, 75 yards.

Oklahoma (UT 20): 

Key moments/plays: An unsportsmanlike penalty backed up OU to the 20-yard line. Tanner Mordecai converted a crucial third and five at the UT 15-yard line. Marcus Major capped off the drive with a seven-yard touchdown run. 

Result: Touchdown. Five plays, five yards. 

Texas (Own 18): 

Key moments/plays: After two straight incompletions, Sam Ehlinger ran for nine yards, but was stopped short of the line to gain. Oklahoma blocked the punt and recovered it inside the five-yard line.

Result: Punt (blocked). Three plays, nine yards.

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Tanner Mordecai replaced Spencer Rattler at quarterback for the Sooners. 

Mordecai completed three passes to start the drive and move the OU offense passed midfield. Pledger ripped off a big run, but fumbled the ball and UT recovered. That's the third straight drive where the UT defense has forced a turnover.

Result: Fumble. Five plays, 57 yards.

Texas (OU 19): 

Key moments/plays: An incomplete pass into the end zone drew a pass interference penalty. Sam Ehlinger punched it in from six yards out for a touchdown. UT has tied the ball game, 10-10.

Result: Touchdown. Two plays, 19 yards. 

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Texas defense got pressure on Spencer Rattler again and forced the ball into the air, which was recovered by the Longhorns. This is back-to-back drives where the UT defense has forced a turnover.

Result: Fumble. Three plays, negative six yards. 

Texas (OU 11): 

Key moments/plays: After an incompletion, Sam Ehlinger was sacked by the OU defense to set up third and long. On third an 16 from the OU 17-yard line, Ehlinger scrambled up the middle for 15 yards. A dead ball personal foul penalty backed up the UT offense 15 yards, so it became fourth and long again instead of fourth and 1 from the two-yard line. Cameron Dicker hit the field goal to put UT on the board. OU leads UT, 10-3.

Result: Field goal. Four plays, negative five yards. 

1st quarter: 

Texas 0, Oklahoma 10

Oklahoma (Own 4): 

Key moments/plays: OU was faced with a third-and-two inside their own 10-yard line and barely got the first down to extend the drive. A few plays later, OU was faced with third and nine to gain at their own 34-yard line. On third and nine, Spencer Rattler threw an interception which was returned to the OU 11-yard line. This play ended the first quarter.

Result: Interception. Eight plays, 30 yards. 

Texas (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: On a crucial third down and short for UT, Sam Ehlinger found Jordan Whittington for 20 yards to cross midfield. Ehlinger later hit Joshua Moore for 14 more yards to the OU 35-yard line. UT stalled at the 35-yard line. UT took a delay of game to give the punter room to pin the OU offense. UT punted the ball to the OU four-yard line. 

Result: Punt. Eight plays, 35 yards. 

Oklahoma (Own 40): 

Key moments/plays: Marcus Major started the drive with a big 21-yard run into UT territory. Spencer Rattler moved the chains again with a 10-yard pass to Marvin Mims. Rattler capped off the drive with a 30-yard touchdown pass to Mims. OU leads UT, 10-0. 

Result: Touchdown. Four plays, 60 yards.

Texas (Own 25):

Key moments/plays: Sam Ehlinger threw an interception on the first play, but the play was called back due to a defensive holding. Huge break for UT. After an incomplete deep pass a short run from Bijan Robinson set up third and six. On that third down, Ehlinger's pass was broken up. Three-and-out for UT. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, 14 yards. 

Oklahoma (Own 40):

Key moments/plays: T.J. Pledger pushed the OU offense into UT's red zone with a 26-yard run. On third and 5, Spencer Rattler converted to  Charleston Rambo and UT was called for roughing the passer. UT's defense survived and held OU to a field goal with three downs and goal to go. OU's field goal was good. Sooners up 3-0.

Result: Field goal. Nine plays, 58 yards.

Texas (Own 43):

Key moments/plays: On the second play of the drive, Keaontay Ingram fumbled the ball and OU recovered.

Result: Fumble. Two plays, 17 yards.

Oklahoma (Own 25): 

Key moments/plays: Oklahoma started the drive with a five-yard loss. Then back-to-back false start penalties got OU into a third and long situation. Texas forces OU into a three-and-out on the first drive. A kick catch interference penalty on the punt return set UT up on their own 43-yard line. 

Result: Punt. Three plays, negative four yards. 


The No. 22 Texas Longhorns take on the Oklahoma Sooners Saturday in the 116th Red River Showdown. 

By week three of the college football season, both the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma were ranked in the top 10. Everything pointed to a premiere top 10 showdown between the Longhorns and Sooners. 

Since then, OU has lost back-to-back games for the first time since 1999, and Texas' loss to Texas Christian University marked Tom Herman's sixth loss as an AP-ranked team to a non-ranked team, the most in college football since Herman has been UT's coach.

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Everything you need to know:

Entering game week for the Red River Showdown, Texas has fallen to No. 22 and Oklahoma has fallen completely out of the top 25 altogether.

WATCH: UT vs. OU: KVUE Sports previews 2020 Red River Showdown 

Saturday's Red River Showdown will be only the second time in the past 20 years where both teams enter the rivalry game ranked outside of the top 20. The other time this happened was in 2016, when Oklahoma was ranked No. 20 and Texas was unranked. Oklahoma won that game, 45-40.

The last time UT and OU faced each other both as unranked teams was in 1997 and 1998. The Longhorns took both of those matchups, 27-24 and 34-3, respectively. 

Texas leads the overall series against Oklahoma 62-48-5. However, Oklahoma has claimed four of the last six Red River Showdowns.

The ESPN College Gameday crew unanimously picked UT to win the game. 

Credit: ESPN
Credit: ESPN

Urban Meyer was the only member of the FOX Sports panel to pick OU to win the game. 

Credit: FOX Sports
Credit: FOX Sports


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