AUSTIN, Texas — ESPN is celebrating 150 years of college football by breaking down the top 50 programs in the country.

Their list includes schools from all divisions, and the schools were judged by winning games and championships.

No surprise: the number one school on the list was Alabama, with 15 national titles. 

Longhorn rival Oklahoma was ranked fourth overall. The Sooners have seven national titles and several of their recruits come from the Lone Star State, which helps make their program so successful.

The Longhorns finished as the ninth-ranked team with four national titles. 


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"Texas has reached the elite in fits and starts: Just when you think the Longhorns start to fit at the top, they disappear again. But the good times have been very good," ESPN wrote of the Longhorns.

The top 10 programs also included Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Yale and North Dakota State.

Check out the full list on ESPN's website.

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