AUSTIN, Texas — It turns out some of the "Sports Illustrated" staff are a little less than impressed with the Texas Longhorns.

In an article published Tuesday about which college team's summer "hype train" should be tempered, some of SI's writers said they're not really buying the "Texas is back" narrative.

"For all the constant talk about Texas is back, especially after winning 10 games for the first time this decade (there are many that have picked the Longhorns to make some national championship noise), the lack of depth – especially on the defensive end – has to have Tom Herman concerned," writer Scooby Axson said.


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Axson also said that replacing eight starters on the defensive end and having no real backup plan if quarterback Sam Ehlinger gets hurt could have Texas behind Oklahoma in the Big 12 again this season.

Writer Ross Dellenger agreed that the Longhorns may not do as well this season as fans are hoping.

"This is a product of the hype and the hype alone, because I do think the Longhorns are contenders, and I, like Sam Ehlinger at QB, but the 'Texas is back' talk is so overpowering that the Horns can't possibly meet expectations," Dellenger said.


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The Longhorns ended their 2018 season with a Sugar Bowl victory over Georgia, after losing the Big 12 championship to OU. And, in May, SI ranked them No. 9 in their college football rankings.

The Longhorns' 2019 season kicks off at DKR on Aug. 31 against Louisiana Tech.

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