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Astros superstitions: Reagan Bregman on why Kate Upton holds baby Knox when Alex is at bat

Ballplayers are known for being superstitious and Reagan Bregman, wife of Astros 3B Alex Bregman, said baseball wives have them too.

HOUSTON — Astros third baseman Alex Bregman is on fire this postseason and batting .292. 

Turns out it's a team effort and Breggy owes some of the credit to his wife Reagan, their baby son Knox and Kate Upton, supermodel and wife of Justin Verlander.

Reagan shared the story of when Upton held their 3-month-old son during a game. 

"She had never held him and she asked to hold him and when she did Alex hit at home run and we were, 'All right it's good luck!'"

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Alex confirmed the story during a dugout interview with a Fox Sports broadcaster. 

"Kate has to hold him, actually because it is good luck."

Reagan said Alex has other superstitions. 

"If he gets a haircut and he's playing well, that haircut is staying," she explained.

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And she said she has her own superstitions. 

"I will wear the same outfits, jacket, eat at the same place," Reagan said.

The Astros have had a baby bumper crop recently.

"I was in the lobby earlier and I ordered diapers because I was running low and I see other orders of baby diapers because there are so many babies here," Reagan said.

Credit: Reagan Bregman
Reagan and Alex Bregman with son Knox

The bonds are real and important.

"We all go through everything together and we ride the highs and lows of the baseball season together and, you know, it makes us a lot stronger as a group," Reagan told us. 

Believe it or not, we shared an Alex story with Reagan that she didn't know about. He was playing t-ball when he was 4 years old and had an unassisted triple play on his own. 

"I actually didn't even know that. I'm gonna ask his mom tonight," Reagan said. 

She did and she let us know that Alex's mom Jackie confirmed the story. 

Credit: Reagan Bregman
Alex Bregman and baby son Knox

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