AUSTIN — How many University of Texas games have you been to?

If I counted what I've seen in the last 30+ years, it would probably be around 250. And while some are forgettable and some just kind of seem like others, there are many games that really, stand out, especially at home at DKR stadium.

The 1990 game against Houston was amazing. The excitement, the upset, the crowd charging the field made it memorable. 1996 against Notre Dame, 2016 against Notre Dame and 1999 against Nebraska were some of the best games.

I could stop there, but as long as you're remembering some great moments, how about A&M in 1998, Virginia in 1995, North Carolina in 2001 and Ohio State in 2006. Hey, they can't all be wins!

But there's something about West Virginia in 2012. It was a top 10 matchup and the first time West Virginia visited Austin since joining the Big 12.

And then there was the scoring. All of the scoring.

Once upon a time, there was a trivia question about the only time Texas had lost when scoring 40 points or more. (It was against Houston in 1987 when the Cougars won 60-40).

But then Kansas State in 2006 happened (42-45).

And in 2012, West Virginia joined the list. It was a 48-45 game. Texas had never scored that many and lost. It was one of the wildest games ever with six or seven lead changes. Neither defense seemed to show up.

But the thing that was so memorable was the crowd. After an ugly 2010 and a so-so 2011, it seemed Texas was back. A top 10 ranking. A prime time game against another top 10 team. Roughly 101,000 fans showed up and they were loud. Very loud.

And then it happened. A song called "Jump Around" was played over the PA system. I'm guessing most fans over the age of 30 hadn't heard it before. I don't know that I had at the ripe old age of 45. But everyone started dancing, jumping and smiling.

It was one of the more magical moments I'd ever seen at DKR.

The song has been played at games many times since then. And it always brings a fun reaction from the crowd, but nothing like what happened against West Virginia in 2012. That was a magical moment. It was one that will never be forgotten.