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Before the Snap: Texas HS football stories

KVUE introduces its Texas high school football documentary series "Before the Snap: Texas HS football stories." Episodes release weekly on KVUE's YouTube channel.

Paul Livengood, Hank Cavagnaro, Jake García (KVUE), Jeff Jones (KVUE), Brian Bell, Enrico Meyer, Jackson Grimm, Tom Rapp

Enrico Meyer, KVUE

Published: 5:35 PM CDT October 27, 2021
Updated: 9:10 AM CST November 25, 2021

Football in Texas is more than just a sport, it's a way of life. The culture surrounding high school football in the Lone Star State is unparalleled, and we want to show you the stories you don't get to see before that first snap of every game.

KVUE will visit a Central Texas high school football program throughout the 2021 season for the entire week leading up to Friday night's game day. You'll hear from the student-athletes, coaches, and the communities these programs represent to get an inside look how Texas high school football is simply different than any other state. 

Episodes of "Before the Snap: Texas HS football stories" will be posted weekly on KVUE's YouTube channel. Alright, folks ... lights ... camera ... action! 

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