The Hendrickson Hawks elevated to the 6A level two years ago. The Hawks boys basketball program earned their 1st district title on the 6A level last week.

Hendrickson didn't reach their potential until the 2nd to the last regular season game against Round Rock. The Hawks won and that was the moment their mindset changed, "at one point in the game we were down late in the game", said Hendrickson guard, Isaac Bullard. The Hawks center, Dylan Disu said, "we gelled as a team, something we needed all season long".

A gelled group of Hawks which made a 1st round round exit from the 6-A playoffs last season, "and this year was our 1st playoff win as a 6A team", said Bullard.

That came against San Marcos earlier this week. Now, it's onto round two. Disu said they're attempting to reach the heights the program reached years ago, "they almost went to state in 4A. We just want to do the same now".

Big dreams for a team guided by a 3rd year head coach in Dustin White. A coach the Hawks have faith in,"our coach has been trying to get this program out of the mud", said Bullard.

Trust in their head coach who played college basketball and has roots to East Texas and the Hawks aren't overly familiar with White's East Texas vernacular he uses from time to time. Disu gave some insight on that,"he says things like you're toast, some things we haven't heard around here. It's kind of funny, he'll say folks are bbq'ed, it's real funny".

But, their head coach, Dustin White is also an English teacher, so White's extended vocabulary isn't understood...

White elaborated on one occasion,"one time we were in the lockerroom and I used the word pungent. It didn't smell too hot. They had no clue what pungent meant, so they all went home and looked it up on google".

Google is resourceful. But, White's coaching language is effective as his Hawks continue their next first on the 6-A level, playing basketball in round two of the playoffs.