Football has been under a ton of scrutiny the past decade due to the effects of concussions and head injuries.

Well, an Austin man has developed a device to improve the safety of the game.

Brandon Martin, a former Stony Point High School football star, is the co-owner/founder of Heads Up Dummy.

It’s a device which promotes fundamentally sound tackling with the head up.

"Are you truly concerned about the future of football? I am concerned, but I think there are powerful people who are trying to make the game safer," Martin said.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, up to 13 percent of football injuries are suffered to the head and neck. One of the major recommendations to fix the issue is improving equipment coupled with emphasizing proper tackling technique.

The Heads Up Dummy device promotes this exact tackling technique.

"When the kid is running in to hit the tackling dummy, the coach will change the number on the screen," Martin said.

A coach uses a remote to select a certain number on the screen of the device and if the kid does not have his head up, he will not be able to tell you what the number on the screen was.

Leander head coach, Tim Smith, who once coached Martin, believes this patent pending device is valuable in teaching how to tackle properly.

"It'll help another way to teach (tackling)," Smith said.

Martin will present the device to the Texas High School Coaches convention in San Antonio later in July.

"We really envision in the nex five years the game of football being the safest its ever been," Martin said.