AUSTIN, Texas — Disch-Falk Field is a special place to watch college baseball.

But just outside of the left field fence is where one of college baseball's most well-known parties takes place consistently.

Each home game for the Longhorns, that's where you can hear trumpets playing "Texas Fight" and the sounds of horns.

"I would say it's becoming [one of the] most well-known spots for visiting teams to come in," said UT baseball fan and Occupy Left Field regular Mike Murphy.

It's a safe bet you'll hear someone yelling, "Fire the damn cannon" often, referencing UT's tradition of firing Smokey the Cannon – which is currently banned from campus.

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Marc Pena established Occupy Left Field over a decade ago.

"I challenge you to come out to left field and not have fun," Pena said.

From the national anthem to the "Eyes of Texas," Occupy Left Field regulars sing both loud and proud.

They're a group of UT baseball-loving folks who are making the most of disappointing baseball season.

"Every day, mid-week, no matter what. Me and Craig call the game and always look out here and show love," said former UT football star Quan Cosby.

The Longhorn baseball team controlled their own destiny enter this final regular-season series, needing to sweep the University of Oklahoma to clinch a spot in next week's Big 12 Tournament in Oklahoma.

Texas fell to OU Thursday evening, 4-2. Now the Horns must sweep the doubleheader from the Sooners on Friday and hope for Kansas to sweep Kansas State for UT to continue playing baseball in OKC.

"Whether it's bad baseball or not, at the end of the day, it's about supporting the kids," said Texas baseball fan Jeff Cross.

Supporting a team and keeping the faith that this team manages to earn a spot in the Big 12 Tournament in OKC.

"A lot of us have hotel reservations in Oklahoma City next weekend, so we're still holding on," Pena said.

As the name may suggest, one of the main priorities of Occupy Left Field is to ridicule the opposing team's left fielder. And they don't hold back on the Longhorns' left fielder – but in a fun way.

Texas outfielder and current infielder Masen Hibbeler knows about this all too well. His dad, Darren Hibbeler, said that's all part of the fun of Occupy Left Field.

"They may tell him to take a step to the left, and he's taking a step to the left. Or take a step to the right or touch his bottom or something like that. We're all up here laughing."

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Darren Hibbeler is one of dozens of parents of Longhorn baseball players who are part of this fraternity who view the game through this fence.

"It's just a family out here," Pena said.

Occupy Left Field memories are endless for Longhorn parents. In recent history, the Omaha clinching win last year remains number one.

"We were standing right here on the picnic table, the players jump the concrete wall, and fired the cannon," Darren Hibbeler said.

This is the final series for Occupy Left Field this season. It's fitting it's against their rivals from Norman, Oklahoma.

Longtime Texas baseball fan Carlos Martinez, who tailgates across from Occupy Left Field, described a moment where a Sooner fan walked and Martinez had a question for the fan.

"'Hey buddy, what time is it?' I told him the time and I said, 'Oklahoma still sucks,'" Martinez said.

Another Occupy Left Field memory.


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