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Anderson High School girls golf team has a friendship bond going back many years, and together they just won gold

The four girls were only about 7 years old when they first met. Today, they're state champions.

AUSTIN, Texas — The Anderson girls golf team is not like most high school teams, their bonds have formed over nearly a decade.

"I've known Farah and Caroline since we were like 7 or 8 [years old]," said Trojans golfer Darrelyn Webster.

"Caroline, Darrelyn and I played our first tournament together when we were 8 years old," said Trojans golfer Farrah O'Keefe.

"It's crazy, we see all the pictures and we're like, 'I can't believe how much we've grown up,'" said Anderson golfer Caroline Dasch.

Caroline, Darrelyn and Farah are now juniors in high school, and they have completely turned around Anderson's golf program. After logging just one top-3 finish in the history of the school, this new wave of Trojans just swept the 5A state championship-winning the team event, and O'Keefe winning as an individual.

Though their success is obvious now, the three longtime friends were almost split-up due to living in separate school zones -- before finding a creative solution.

"We're all in the same IB (international baccalaureate) program," said Webster.

The international baccalaureate program provides college-level courses and credit to high school students with outstanding grades. Students must earn their way into the program, but once they are accepted, they have flexibility in selecting the IB campus that fits best.

"We were like, 'Hey, why don't we just all come together and form our own golf team?'" said Webster.

"There was a lot of discussion amongst the parents looking at where we wanted to go to high school," said O'Keefe. "Where we wanted to win a state championship -- not if we wanted to win a championship, but where."

The group selected Anderson High School, Webster's home campus. When they arrived, they met then-sophomore, Sloane Panter, who was beyond excited to welcome some top talent to her team.

"Together, we created this dream team and it was just great to hear they were coming," said Panter.

All four have grown and matured. Panter earned the title of "team captain" as a senior, to go along with her other -- informal -- title.

"She's kind of like our golf mom," said Webster.

"I'm definitely the mom," said Panter. "I make sure everyone has the water that they need."

Panter's high school golf career is now over, but she takes with her championship memories and lifelong friendships.

"We've formed a really good bond," said Panter. "We're 100% family."

"We're like sisters," said Dasch. "It's such a special thing!"

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