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The Last Word: Austin ISD's new dress code won't prepare students for the future

"Now call me old school, but I don't see what bra straps and drawers have to do with equity and inclusion."

AUSTIN, Texas — This week Austin ISD announced it is implementing a new dress code for students, one that is supposed to uphold the district's values of equity, diversity and inclusion – all very important things.

The students will be allowed to show their bra straps, underwear bands, wear ripped clothes and halter tops, among other things.

Now call me old school, but I don't see what bra straps and drawers have to do with equity and inclusion.

And can someone tell me how allowing children to show their undergarments adequately prepares them for the future? Prepares them to go into job interviews or professional settings?

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The harsh reality of this life is you can't go everywhere looking any kind of way. Like it or not, first impressions and appearances matter, and schools are places that are supposed to be free of distractions so children can learn.

I don't know too many teenage boys that are going to focus on algebra when the girl in front of them is wearing a halter top and opaque leggings.

Not teaching children the values of etiquette, decorum and that there is a time and a place to let your bra straps hang is doing them a disservice.

Want the policy to be equitable? Make them all wear the same thing.

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Diversity? Ensure the makeup of the classes involve students from all walks of life.

Inclusion? Embrace them all for who they are as people, not because of what they wear.

That's how you teach values and prepare these kids for a world that isn't going to be so open to sagging pants with underwear bands showing and yoga pants that leave little to the imagination.


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