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COMMENTARY: KVUE's Quita Culpepper on ensuring justice for all following the Derek Chauvin verdict

Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd. KVUE's Quita Culpepper spoke about what "justice" means in a situation like this.

AUSTIN, Texas — Some may see George Floyd's death and now this verdict as a tipping point in this country, a testament to the power of community outrage and how it can put pressure on government leaders to take action.

And think about it: This case might not have gotten as much attention if it hadn't been captured on video.

This is a powerful moment in America. So many are celebrating a sense of justice being done, a sense of relief, a sense of being seen.

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But this is one case – one verdict – in an unfathomably long list of men and women who did not get their day in court. And their families will never see so-called "justice."

George Floyd is dead. This verdict won't bring him back.

The video of the life seeping slowly from his body, hearing his anguished moans during his final moments, will stick in his loved ones' minds forever – and will never leave his little girl's thoughts.

Derek Chauvin's conviction is the rare exception, not the rule. Still, it's a huge part of the conversation about what happens next.

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How do we go about police reform? What would that take? And whose responsibility is it to implement real change? Does it start with the police – or politicians? 

It's exhausting having to constantly be aware of disparities in this country and see cases like George Floyd's over and over.

But what we do know is that the community has the power to spark action. You have power in your words, in your actions and in your votes.

And we all must continue to work together to make sure justice is for everyone.


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