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Agree or Disagree: Ashley Goudeau's tips for surviving the holidays

The holidays can be tough, but Ashley has some tips for helping you survive until the new year.

AUSTIN, Texas — Some say it's the most wonderful time of the year – but it can also be the most stressful. To help you figure out how to navigate the holidays, we've brought back our "Agree or Disagree with Ashley" series.

Let's talk a little bit about how to survive the holidays.

The first tip: make sure your attitude is 100. There are a lot of grinches out there that are going to try to steal your joy. And you know the No. 1 thing to help you get your attitude together? Sweet potato pie. Nothing tastes better than a sweet potato pie.

Second tip: Make sure you have your antennas up. Paying attention to your surroundings will let you know when you need to enter or exit a room. If your auntie talking about such-and-such's marriage, why are you still single, how are those grades looking – your antennas need to direct you out of the room. 

And your antennas can also be used to save people! Turn yourself into Captain Save a Family Member. If you hear your auntie asking a cousin, "This is your freshman year of college, right?" beeline over there, run interference. Be a hero.


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Third tip: Make sure you have your mind right before you go shopping. You have to have a game plan. Immediately send somebody to wait in line! That's the worst part, the lines are all ridiculous. And then you all converge and you're ready to go to the next store – it's very smart.

And the fourth tip is one word, enough said: flask. Invest in one, keep it with you when you attend all family functions, have your own – it's an automatic attitude fixer. In fact, that's what you can get people! Get them engraved flasks and little mini liquors. That's the perfect present. Who wouldn't want that for Christmas?

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