WEST MIDLANDS, ENGLAND — Community residents in England's West Midlands region are demanding local government officials change the name of the road they live on due to its 'rude' and 'offensive' wording.

Bell End, a road in the town of Rowley Regis, has been the victim of increased traffic from 'juvenile passerby', reports Mirror. The street name, which pays homage to male genitalia, has made those who live on and near the street a 'laughing stock,' said a Change.org petition. Its adjoining neighbor, Mincing Lane, does not do it any favors, either.

The petition, posted in December, called for their local council to acknowledge their name change request. In part, community members feel people and children living on Bell End may be subject to bullying and teasing.

The petition suggested a name change such as 'Bells Road' would suffice.

"I was born here and lived here for 40 years and it doesn't bother me."Labour Councillor Chris Tranter, who represents the Rowley Regis ward, told Mirror. "You get the odd giggle on the phone, it is quite amusing really."

However, Independent Councillor Barbara Price, who also represents the ward, told Mirror, "If some people find the name offensive and children are being teased about where they live then there is obviously an issue."

Mirror listed other suggestive road names in England, including 'Slag Lane' and 'Fanny Hands Lane' in Lancashire, 'The Knob' in Northamptonshire, and Minge Lane in Worcestershire among others.