AUSTIN, Texas — One small step for Austin and one giant leap for cheese – Austin Mayor Steve Adler has reportedly sent Kerbey Lane queso to the moon.

In ‘queso’ you missed it, Mayor Adler revealed the odd mission in a statement Friday, adding “yes, the real moon.”

The queso was launched Wednesday night aboard the SpaceX Falcon rocket that launched out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is set to land in approximately 40 days, around mid-April.

“We choose to send queso to the moon, and maybe some day chips as well, not because these things are easy, but because they are hard,” says Mayor Adler.

“The challenge to eat queso in zero gravity is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, among other key challenges, like next time remembering the chips.”

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The Austin Mayor also included a letter addressed to extraterrestrials, praising the city of Austin and inviting them all to visit.

“Austin is a magical place where innovation meets music, arts, nature and technology,” the letter reads. “Our region is lauded for its natural beauty, entrepreneurial environment, human capital, water and air quality, alternative energy investments and sustainability initiatives.”

In the letter he proposes a deal to the alien lifeforms: unlimited queso (chips not included), your own band, free entrance to Barton Springs and a free dog. Enclosed with the letter is a copy of the original, authentic and never-before-published Kerbey Lane queso recipe.

The Falcon is also carrying a disk holding millions of documents from the Lunar Library from the Arch Mission Foundation. It will be placed on the moon permanently.

You can read Mayor Adler’s full letter here.