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A Reddit user found a picture of an unknown woman in their drawer, and the Internet is confused

A Reddit user from Austin is looking for an unknown girl whose photo they found in a drawer in their apartment in a post that has now gone viral.

AUSTIN, Texas — Strange things happen on the Internet all the time. 

A Reddit user from Austin is looking for an unknown girl whose photo they found in a drawer in their apartment, in a post that has now gone viral. 

In the post, the user said the apartment they lived in was built in the 1970s, but they have lived at this location for two years now. 

The photo found in the drawer shows a woman smiling and leaning against a car in the parking lot of what some Reddit users think is a motel. 

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Some Reddit users were skeptical about the legitimacy of the aged-looking photo. 

"Plot twist, it was taken last month using an Instagram filter..." Reddit user Rocksteadybebop commented.

But most users took the post seriously and tried to decipher the photo.

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Reddit user Cellbeep76 said, "The hotel resembles 8300 N Interstate Hwy 35, now called Austin Suites Hotel, but the building isn't quite right."

"Probably a good chance whatever hotel it was is now gone. Someone smarter than me could probably tell you what the model years are on the cars, but that's several decades ago. Looks like it might be mostly Texas plates." they added. 

Reddit user kalpol examined the cars in the photo closely.

"By the cars it's mid-80s. I see a K-car and an '80s Impala and Nissan in that line. '80s Subaru next to her. I can't tell what car she is in, looks like maybe a Honda? I thought of one of the motels at 35 and 183 as well," they said. 

Others were just confused. 

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Reddit user Crazy_Sniffable suggested the post was meant to be an Alternate Reality Game.

"Ok, so what's the next clue in the ARG?"

Credit: Reddit
Reddit user wondering if anyone recognizes girl or location in photo they found.

Do you recognize the woman or location in the photo? If so, email kvuedigital@kvue.com. 


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