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Warrant issued for woman who brought loaded shotgun to Givens Park and pointed it at people

The incident occurred Wednesday evening around 8:40 p.m.

AUSTIN, Texas — An arrest warrant has been issued for a woman who brought a loaded shotgun to Givens Park in East Austin with what authorities believe was the intent to commit aggravated assault.

On Wednesday, July 31, at approximately 6:10 p.m., an individual informed an Austin police officer at the Austin Regional Intelligence Center that Victoria Yett, 27, was making threatening posts on Facebook.

In the posts, Yett stated she intended to go to Givens Park in her red Mercedes-Benz and kill a man she said owed her $2,300. She also threatened three other individuals, saying she would "blow your brains out" if they approached her car. Yett also stated that everyone should bring their phones because she was going to make national news for going on a "killing spree" at Givens Park at 6 p.m.

The officer contacted the APD Region 3 Metro Tactical Unit, which sent officers to Givens Park on East 12th Street. At approximately 8:40 p.m., an officer saw a red Mercedes pull into the park and park next to a large group of people which included children. The officer then saw Yett emerge from the sunroof of the Mercedes and point a shotgun at the group next to the car. As officers approached her, Yett stopped targeting the crowd and lowered herself back into the car. She and her passenger – identified as her mother, 57-year-old Koy Hutchinson – were detained. A loaded, 12-gauge shotgun and a box of shotgun shells were found in the backseat of the Mercedes.


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A witness told police that people hanging out at Givens Park had been talking about a woman who had been threatening to shoot up the park that afternoon and how she was supposed to be driving a red car. While walking through the parking lot with their young family members, the witness saw a red car pull up and park in a spot approximately five yards away from them. The witness saw someone sitting or squatting on the roof of the car, yelling and, while that was happening, saw someone inside the car hand a long black gun to the woman through the sunroof. Police said there was only one person in the car: Hutchinson.

The witness then saw the woman in the sunroof point the gun back and forth, sweeping the parking lot area, stating, "I'm gonna shoot this b---- up!" The witness took off running because they told police they were in fear for their life.

Another witness, who knew Yett, also saw her emerge from the sunroof and point the shotgun at people in the park.

An officer spoke with Yett, who the officer said rambled, was difficult to understand and appeared to be under the influence of some unknown substance. Yett told the officer she had gone to Givens Park to retrieve a vehicle she had loaned to a woman. She said the woman wasn't there, and she believed the woman had set her up to get arrested. She admitted she brought the shotgun to the park and that it wasn't concealed but stated it was well within her rights to do so. She said she was ready to "blow heads off" if she needed to, and that her Facebook posts were made in "defense" because people wanted her dead because she had a nice car.


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The officer also spoke with Hutchinson, who also said they were in the park to retrieve a car from a woman. She said Yett was agitated and saying concerning things, and she tried to convince Yett to not do whatever she was planning but Yett didn't listen. She said when they got to the park, Yett took the shotgun from the backseat, exited through the sunroof and pointed the gun at people. She said she didn't hand Yett the shotgun and initially denied touching it, but later said she touched it to place it on the backbench when Yett re-entered the car. 

Hutchinson also said when Yett exited the sunroof, she told her to hand her a box of ammunition and Hutchinson said she did retrieve the box of shotgun shells and place them on the roof of the car via the sunroof. She said it was a mistake to hand Yett the shells, but that she thought Yett was "showing out" and wasn't actually going to shoot anyone. She admitted she didn't try to stop Yett.

Police believe based on the statements from witnesses and Hutchinson and Yett themselves that the pair intentionally and knowingly went to Givens Park to commit aggravated assault. Police believe Yett did point the shotgun at bystanders, causing them to fear for their safety, and that Hutchinson did aid Yett by handing her the shotgun shells and handling the gun.

Hutchinson and Yett are also both convicted felons and therefore not allowed to possess firearms.


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