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VERIFY: Truths about the Permian Highway Pipeline

Following the protests in Downtown Austin Friday, we took a look to verify some common misconceptions about Kinder Morgan's pipeline.

AUSTIN, Texas — After protesters gathered in Downtown Austin against the Permian Highway Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline that will bring natural gas across the state of Texas, our Verify team took a look at some of the misconceptions. 

Let's start off with what we know about the Permian Highway Pipeline, or the PHP. 

It's going to start all the way up in West Texas, outside of Waha, then it will travel across the state, through the Hill Country, and end up with an access point in Katy, outside of Houston.

We also know how big the pipe will be. It's 42 inches across, that's 3.5 feet, and will travel 400 miles.

These things are all verified, but it's what could go in this pipe, that's where things are getting confused.

Many people have brought up an issue that they believe this pipeline will be built for natural gas and then eventually be used to transport something else, like crude oil. But this is false.

Credit: Kinder Morgan

After Kinder Morgan settled a lawsuit with the City of Kyle last year, the company is only allowed to put natural gas through the pipeline.

Kinder Morgan also said in an email with KVUE that several long-term contracts with customers will require the pipeline to move the natural gas from West Texas to the Houston area.

We also wanted to take a look at how much natural gas would be going through the pipe on a daily basis.


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Kinder Morgan said 2.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas will make its way on any day. According to one gas company, the average household uses 168 cubic feet a day.

That means the pipeline will move enough gas to service around 12,500,000 households every day.

There are several lawsuits still facing Kinder Morgan. But, according to the company, construction is "well underway" in West Texas.


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