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VERIFY: Facebook is getting rid of chat rooms in 'groups,' but not 'group messages'

Facebook's language can be a bit confusing at times. While they are ending some chat functions within groups, most users probably won't notice.

A recent Facebook announcement had some worried they wouldn't be able to send messages to more than one person anymore on the site. 

All the confusion stemmed from an announcement about the end of a specific  Facebook Groups feature that's unrelated to overall group messages.


Facebook announced on Friday that “Chats in Facebook Groups will no longer be available” starting on Aug. 22.

The company's blog post explained it would be ending chat-room like message threads that members of Facebook groups can currently join and communicate in.

Some Facebook users took the phrasing to mean that their group messages with friends outside of particular "groups" would also be going away.

Credit: VERIFY

Chats within Facebook groups were added in Oct. 2018 but are now being removed as the company spends time “exploring new features,” to allow members of groups to communicate directly, according to Facebook's announcement.

The bottom line for users is that none of their existing messages on the Facebook messenger platform will be impacted. The only people who should notice any change would be users who were active participants in the message boards hosted within groups.

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