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Yes, the CDC does include at-home COVID-19 tests in its data, but only if you report your result

The CDC calculates at-home COVID-19 tests into its case counts, but only if you contact your local health department or health provider to report your result.

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For this VERIFY, we looked into whether the CDC counts at-home COVID-19 test results.


Do at-home COVID-19 tests get calculated into the CDC's data for COVID-19 cases?


Yes, the CDC does calculate positive at-home COVID-19 test results into its case counts. But you have to contact your local health department or health provider in order for your case to be counted.

This is true.



First, we looked at the CDC website that shows that to self-report an at-home COVID-19 test, you should call and give your results to your health care provider or local or state health department. Once you report it, those entities report it to the CDC.

But there are obstacles here.

First, it’s all on you. You must report it locally for the info to get to the CDC. If you don’t, the CDC will never know.

Second, not all health departments will take your calls to report a positive result. The Texas Department of State Health Services told KVUE in an email, “We’re not calculating those numbers as there is not a consistent way for home tests to be reported by individuals. But their cases here would be reported to DSHS if they saw a doctor or other health care provider.”

So, since the State won't take your calls directly, you need to start local.

Austin Public Health (APH) told KVUE if you want to report a positive COVID-19 at-home test result, you should call the Austin Public Health Nurse Hotline at 512-972-5555. The nurse will then add your case to the list, which will then go to the CDC.

You are not required to do all of this, but APH encourages people to report their at-home results so it can have an accurate representation of the positivity rate within the community.

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