AUSTIN -- It's an idea already garnering a lot of criticism. During this month s Texas Transportation Commission, Chairman Ted Houghton brought up the suggestion of flipping I-35 to SH 130.

You d move the free lanes out to 130 and the toll lanes to I-35, said Houghton.

The goal is to relieve congestion through downtown Austin.

I think that's something that needs to be looked at, whether it's legal, whether it's not. What you'd have to do to get it across that goal line, he said.

However officials with TxDOT tell KVUE it is merely a suggestion, not a formal proposal.

Other ideas for relieving congestion along I-35 include burying the interstate underground or adding a single toll lane in each direction. This is already happening across town along MoPac.

Even though switching I-35 with SH 130 is just a suggestion, TxDOT says they do plan to study this option.