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Continuous Flow Intersection opens in Cedar Park

It's a type of intersection some drivers find confusing.
TxDOT visualization of CFI intersection at RM 1431 and Ronald Reagan Blvd/Parmer Lane in Cedar Park, Texas.

It’s a type of intersection some drivers find confusing.

On Tuesday, RM 1431 at Parmer Lane gets its first evening rush hour test as a continuous flow intersection, or CFI.

"Traffic seemed to flow very well through the center section," said Texas Department of Transportation Spokesperson Kelli Reyna.

Reyna said the intersection's first morning rush hour went fairly smoothly. Throughout the day, Cedar Park Police helped point drivers in the right direction. The most confusing part, and the main difference between a CFI and other intersections, is turning left.

"All we're doing with this type of intersection is, we're moving the left turn movements," Reyna said. "So, instead of actually approaching the intersection and turning left from the center lane, we are actually moving you into the left-hand side of the roadway about mid-block".

Drivers who want to turn left should stay in the left lanes as they approach the intersection. They'll have to sit through one traffic light set back from the main intersection and then a second light.

"Whenever that signal turns green, not only can through traffic move, but you can also turn left," Reyna said. “That's why it's called continuous flow.”

If it's still not clear, follow the signs.

"The intersection is intuitive; if you pay attention to your surroundings and watch the pavement lines, you're going to be fine," Reyna said.

Drivers should expect construction at night as crews finish paving the area through the end of August.

Watch the continuous flow intersection animation.