Starting this week, commuters have been taking a new route into downtown Austin.

Monday Capital Metro started its route 980, an express bus route that takes you from Round Rock and Pflugerville to downtown.

It is the first route to use Mopac's new toll lanes.

Among those people on the route this morning, was Norma Ballard, a mother of two.

"I think it's great," she said. "I hate driving to downtown Austin coming from Georgetown."

It gives her more time to spend with her girls.

"I have a one and a half-year-old," said Ballard. "I went back to work probably after six weeks of having her. So, spending time with her and being there and that bonding is important."

The route begins at the Round Rock Transit Center on Bagdad Avenue and Brown Street in Round Rock. It makes a stop at the New Life Park and Ride in Pflugerville and travels down Mopac's express lane to downtown.

"We think that as things keep rolling along, we hope to keep moving hundreds if not thousands of people long term," said Sam Sargent, project manager at Capital Metro.

On average, thousands use Cap Metro's routes from the suburbs weekly.

Only about a dozen people traveled from Round Rock today on this new route. It is $3.50 for a single ride and $7 for a day pass.

"Drastically reduces my stress level," said Bukola Fegbemi, a Round Rock resident. "Just makes working downtown a piece of cake."