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Texas bus laws: When you can and can't pass a school bus

If you break these laws, you could end up with a fine up to $1,250.

TEXAS, USA — As more students head back to school, you'll begin to see more traffic. Dangerous driving around school buses can get you in big trouble, so we're connecting the dots to remind you of the rules.

According to Texas law, drivers have to stop when a school bus extends its stop sign or when it turns on its flashing red lights.

When that happens, drivers in both directions must come to a complete stop on all lanes. This applies to a two-way street or a highway with a center turn lane.

Credit: KVUE
Credit: KVUE

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You can't pass the bus until either the red lights stop flashing, the school bus has started moving again or the driver signals you to do so.

But, rules are different if there's a median. In that instance, only the side of the road where the bus is has to stop and cars on the other side of the road can continue driving. 

Credit: KVUE
Credit: KVUE

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In Texas, breaking these laws will land you a fine up to $1,250 and, unlike other traffic tickets, it can't be taken away with defensive driving classes.

Be sure to slow down, look out for kids crossing the street and be aware of your surroundings. As always, put down your cell phones.

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