ROUND ROCK, Texas — The jury came back quickly Tuesday with a guilty verdict on all charges against Terry Miles, who kidnapped two girls from their Round Rock home and took them to Colorado.

Miles was found guilty of two kidnapping charges and federal sex crimes. 

"Terry Miles was not looking out for anybody but himself, and that was pretty obvious by the abuse he decided to inflict on [the teenager]," Matthew Devlin, assistant U.S. attorney, said. "There was nothing about him that was a protector, there was nothing about him that wanted to bring them to safety, and that's typical with abusers. It's all about them and not about anybody else."

Defense declined the request to comment after the verdict.

Prior to the verdict, lawyers gave their closing arguments on Tuesday in the trial against Miles.

The girls at the center of the trial were seven and 14 at the time of the alleged kidnapping in December 2017. Authorities found their mother, Tonya Bates, dead at their Round Rock home at the time they started searching for the girls and their alleged kidnapper.

On Tuesday, closing arguments wrapped as prosecution recalled when Miles met the teen. 

"A series of abuse started that escalated into the tragic events that occurred on Dec. 29," said the prosecutor.

Prosecution said Miles killed Bates. 

"[Miles] punches [Bates], and she falls, face down, knocked out cold," said the prosecutor, saying Miles used a flashlight to "[crush] her skull."

Prosecution recalled the girls' testimony to the jury. She said, “both of them told you they didn’t want to go because they were scared of the defendant."

Defense claimed Miles was a protector of the girls and that is why he took them to Colorado. 

"Part of the problem in this case has to do with the unusual lifestyle," said defense. "I mean, Tonya Bates, I think we can all agree, was involved in high-risk behavior and put her family at risk."

Defense also told the jury Miles and the girls had "an irrational fear" and that's why Miles didn't call 911.  

"They weren't thinking the way that normal people do, but they weren't living a normal life," said defense.

Defense also focused on the teenager's changing story. 

"It was not until Jan.10 of this year that [the teen] said for the first time that Terry had killed her mother," defense said.

Prosecution faced the jury once more, saying, "[The girls] had no choice because the defendant made the choices for them … Tonya was bludgeoned and beat to death. It was by defendant Miles."

Prosecution argued the teenager was the real protector, not Miles.

They told the jury that it is clear Miles told the girls what to say because their stories are told the same way.

Sentencing for Miles is set for April 25 at 9 a.m.

In the past couple of days of the trial, defense and prosecution rested their case. The defense lawyers attempted to portray Miles as a protector of the girls, while prosecutors said Miles killed the girls' mother and abused one of the girls.


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