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Take This Job: TxDOT's Wildflower Program

Thousands drive out to see our Texas wildflowers, but what some of you don't know is our Texas Department of Transportation makes it all happen.

AUSTIN, Texas — Wildflowers line hundreds of miles of roadways across the Lone Star state and thousands of people drive out to see them and take pictures. This is all thanks to our Texas Department of Transportation.

"The smallest seed out there is probably the Indian Paint Brush..." and it is also the most expensive seed to buy, according to Dennis Markwardt, vegetation management section director with TxDOT.

Markwardt said TXDOT buys around 30,000 pounds of seeds every year, encouraging the growth of wildflowers along our highways.


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Unlike some other states, Texas does not mow the right-aways along our highways and therefore saves money. 

"We save money on mowing," said Markwardt. "We put so much money in the tourism industry that comes to Texas to go look at the wildflowers it's amazing. Think about the peak season. 'you can't find a hotel out in Llano or Frediscksburg, because they're all out there looking for wildflowers."


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