AUSTIN, Texas — A new campaign from TxDOT and Buc-ee's will have Texas drivers seeing new billboards on major travel routes combining the two major names.

The billboards will remind drivers to keep their trash in their vehicles, and not alongside the Texas roads. The campaign will also remind people at Buc-ee's locations across the state with "Don't mess with Texas" trash barrels, cross-branded merchandise and signs.

Buc-ee's and TxDOT

Those caught littering can receive a fine starting at $500 and up to $2,000. Despite these punishments, about 362 million pieces of visible litter show up on Texas roads every year.


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"We want Texas' roads to be as clean as Buc-ee's restrooms," said Buc-ee's founder and owner Arch Aplin."We look forward to sharing the litter-free message with travelers as they ride along our great Texas highways."

The two Texas icons are also working together on education initiatives in schools to teach younger generations the importance of keeping the environment clean.

TxDOT and Buc-ee's will be hosting trash clean-ups throughout Texas communities, including the "Don't mess with Texas" Trash-Off statewide cleanup day in April.

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