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The 'Lone Star Flag' is now 181 years old

The flag as we know it was officially approved on January 25, 1839.

AUSTIN, Texas — Jan. 25 marks 181 years since the "Lone Star Flag" was first adopted as the official state flag of Texas.

According to the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar approved the flag as we know it on Jan. 25, 1839, after it had already been approved by the Republic of Texas Congress.

The Lone Star Flag is actually the third official national or state flag Texas has had. The first official flag, the 1836 national standard, was azure with a large golden star in its center. And the second flag, the 1836 national flag for naval service, showed thirteen stripes – similar to the U.S. flag – and a blue canton with a single white star. 

That flag was used for three years, until the approval of the Lone Star Flag. According to the TSHA, the Lone Star Flag was the legal national and state flag for Texas from Jan. 25, 1839, to Sept. 1, 1879, and the de facto state flag from Sept. 1, 1879, to Aug. 31, 1933. The flag act, effect from Aug. 31, 1933, on, declared the Lone Star Flag the official state flag once more.

According to the TSHA, the actual designer of the Lone Star Flag is unknown.


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