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'I want to know' | Sen. Roland Gutierrez demands DPS report on response to Uvalde school shooting

A state senator is demanding answers from DPS. Sen. Roland Gutierrez represents the area of Uvalde and said he was promised a report on the mass shooting.

UVALDE, Texas — On Wednesday, we got our first look at a search warrant in the Uvalde mass shooting investigation while a state senator is demanding answers from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Sen. Roland Gutierrez represents the Uvalde area and said he was promised a report on the mass shooting. But so far he says he's received nothing.

He said he’s demanding transparency and won't stop until he gets it.

Gutierrez said DPS told him he would get a report of the mass shooting last Friday.

"We had plenty of them here. I want to know why they weren’t in that building? These little children were dialing in," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said he finds it hard to believe it all falls on one local school police chief.

"Am I to understand that the only person listening to the 911 calls was the local ISD cop? I want to know that. Did the sheriff listen to those calls? DPS?" Gutierrez said.

The first search warrant related to the investigation was obtained by KHOU 11 News.

Investigators said an iPhone was found next to the suspect's body. Investigators will perform a forensic download of the device to try to find any and all data on the phone that could provide clues to the shooter's motive for this horrific crime.

Gutierrez said he also expects to hear the radio traffic between officers and he said he knows the radio calls will tell the real story on the response time.

"We have one little girl that was shot one time through the back. She likely bled out. (If) They go in 15 to 20 minutes earlier, that little girl might have lived. We will never know that," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez has given DPS until Thursday. He said this has been pushed far enough.

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