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Amber Guyger case: Investigators seek doorbell camera video from nearby complex

Investigators want to see doorbell camera video from a townhome complex a block away from South Side Flats, where Botham Jean was killed, to track Amber Guyger's movements on Sept. 6.

DALLAS – Investigators in the Amber Guyger case asked for search warrants for doorbell camera footage from townhouses near the complex where Botham Jean was shot and killed.

The Dallas District Attorney’s office requested records from Ring, a home security company.

They specifically want footage captured from 8 a.m. to midnight on Sept. 6 from townhomes on Arch Place.

That complex is located a block from the South Side Flats, where Jean was shot in his apartment, one floor above Guyger’s apartment.

Investigators are looking to track Guyger’s movements that night, including what time she arrived at South Side Flats.

She shot Jean in his fourth-floor apartment. Guyger claims she mistakenly went to the wrong apartment, thinking it was hers, and mistook Jean for an intruder.

There are conflicting reports from neighbors about what they heard – or didn’t – at Jean’s doorway the night of Sept. 6.

Other warrants have been obtained for the door locks from both Guyger and Jean’s apartments. They are looking for data from the locks that could show if Jean’s door was unlocked or if Guyger put her key in the lock.

Investigators are working now to verify what Guyger told them.

Guyger is charged with manslaughter but remains on administrative leave. Since the shooting, she has vacated her apartment.

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