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Austin's The Great Outdogs displays 'NOT Kid Friendly' sign

After unattended kids have been messing with The Great Outdogs store, the owner had enough and put up a sign saying they're no longer kid friendly.

AUSTIN, Texas — You may have heard about no pets allowed, but what about no kids? A dog store in South Austin put up a sign a while back and it's getting a lot of attention.

If you step into The Great Outdogs, there's a lot going on. Owner Matt Edwards has to deal with it all. He's the only employee, unless you count Teggun, his boxer.

That means everything gets put on the shelves he's responsible for. So, when things get taken down and left, it's frustrating.

"Even more with unattended kids," said Edwards.

That's why there's a new sign on the front door, it reads:

"Currently - NOT Kid Friendly (until Further notice...) You can thank the previous parents & kids that treated my store like a playground."


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"It had just snowballed so bad," said Edwards. "It took me like 10-12 hours to fix all the packaging on stuff that I had just collected in the back for months."

His main complaint is with parents who let their kids run in there while waiting for food at a nearby food truck park.

"Most of the comments I've heard have been, 'I love your sign,'" said Edwards. "It's fine if they, like, pick up stuff. It's more like [they're] completely unattended."

Now, he realizes, his store looks just like a toy store. But because there's a lot going on, he doesn't need anything more to deal with.

"That's where a lot of it came from, it's like it's another job I have to add to my list of a never-ending list of jobs," he said.

The sign will not be up permanently but, since it's been up, he's had less to pick up on a nightly basis.


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